This page will be updated for 2024-2025 by June 17, 2024. 

The "Overview" and "Deadlines" pages have already been updated for 2024-2025.  The "Eligibility & Criteria" and "Forms" pages will be updated by June 17, 2024.

Law School funding of student events and travel is centralized in the JD Grants Committee, which was created by the Dean in 2014 to ensure a fair, consistent, and transparent process for distributing law school funds. Students and student organizations must direct their funding requests to the committee, not to Law School programs, departments, faculty, or administrators.

Please review the instructions, forms, and deadlines on this webpage before applying for funding.

About JD Grants

Below is information on how the JD Grants process works and the required eligibility and criteria to receive funding as a UW Law student.

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Apply for Funding

When you are ready to apply, be sure to meet the deadlines and use the correct forms. 

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