One of the great benefits of being a UW Law School student is Diploma Privilege.

Diploma Privilege allows our graduates to secure a license to practice law in Wisconsin without taking a bar exam. Wisconsin is the only state in the country that offers diploma privilege.

The vast majority of students who earn J.D. degrees from the Law School also meet the requirements for Wisconsin Diploma Privilege.

Qualifying for Diploma Privilege

This invaluable opportunity is available to students who satisfy two sets of requirements:

  1. Academic Requirements (Section 4.6 in the Student Handbook)
  2. Character & Fitness Certification (Section 4.7 in Student Handbook)

Using the Diploma Privilege

If you intend to practice in Wisconsin when you graduate, or think you may return to Wisconsin in the future, there is a clear benefit to satisfying the Wisconsin Diploma Privilege.

Even if you're not planning to practice in Wisconsin, there are still reasons you should consider satisfying the diploma privilege:

  • It allows you to practice in most federal agencies (such as the IRS, FTC, SEC, etc.) without taking a bar exam.
  • You would be a licensed attorney while you are studying for the bar in another state, meaning you may be able to handle legal matters for your employer that graduates from other states cannot.
  • You will be licensed in more than one state, which is appealing to many employers.

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