Financial Aid Offices

For UW Law Students, there are two main resources for financial assistance:

For questions about federal loans or other concerns about financial aid packages, students are encouraged to reach out to both OSFA and the Law School Admissions & Financial Aid Office. Current and admitted students are welcome to schedule an appointment with either office to discuss individual questions relating to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as well as questions regarding the acceptance, disbursement, and repayment of their federal student loans.

For any questions about scholarships awarded by the Law School, students should contact the Law School Admissions & Financial Aid Office, as the Law School remains the authority on the terms of these scholarships.

Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)

OSFA serves the entire UW-Madison campus community as the University's main financial aid office. They award all federal loans as well as federal work-study funds.

333 East Campus Mall #9701
Madison, WI 53715 

Law School Admissions & Financial Aid Office

The Law School Admissions & Financial Aid Office awards scholarships based on a variety of criteria and remains the authority on Law School-scholarships.

975 Bascom Mall, Suite 6210
Madison, WI 53706

Tuition & Financial Aid Pages

Tuition & Costs

Updated information on tuition, expected costs, and our refund policy.

Financial Aid

A primer on federal financial aid, financing your legal education, and loan repayment.


Information on scholarships, both within the Law School and with outside organizations.

Financial Wellness

Information on Law School events and resources promoting financial wellness.

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