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Visiting Scholars Program

UW Law School welcomes the opportunity to host visiting scholars from the U.S. and other countries. Each year, we accept a limited number of self-funded scholars whose work is of interest to our faculty. Applicants who are accepted as visiting scholars receive an honorary appointment that provides access to the UW's extensive library resources and legal databases. Visiting scholars may also participate in the Law School's academic events. Scholarships or other funding support are not available.

How to Apply

To apply to our Visiting Scholars Program, please complete and send an application form, together with your updated CV and one-page statement describing your proposed research (preferably as one pdf document) to Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing your application.


Scholar Category Up to 3 months     4-6 months     7-12 months    
Visiting Scholars (general) $500 $1500 $3000
Scholars from partner institutions* $250 $750 $1500
UW Law school alumni waived waived waived
Scholars invited by UW Law
faculty (with prior written confirmation)
waived waived waived
Scholars from LDCs** waived waived waived

* To learn more about partner institutions, see the Global Legal Studies Center's partner institutions and East Asian Legal Studies Center's list of partner institutions. 

** To learn more about LDCs, view the List of Least Developed Countries.

Information for International Visitors

U.S. Federal regulations apply to international visitors, with regard to their visa and English language proficiency. International visitors typically require a J1 visa and proof of English language proficiency. The university's International Faculty and Staff Services office oversees the J1 visa requirements and is authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue the DS 2019 document that is required to obtain the J1 visa. Please note that these regulations may change frequently; it is the applicant's responsibility to provide all necessary documents to us in a timely manner. 

Checklist of Necessary Documentation

Please use this documentation checklist to ensure that you submit all information needed to process a DS-2019 application for a J1 visa.

Language Proficiency

The host department is required to verify the visitor's English language proficiency typically through a recognized English language test.  If the the scholar has a degree from an English speaking country, this requirement is waived. Please check the IFSS webpage for current requirements.

J1 Visa and Mandatory Health Insurance

J1 visa requires the visitor to show expenses for the visitor and any accompanying dependents for the entire duration of the program. Obtaining health insurance is mandatory. Information about international student health insurance plans (SHIP).

Bringing Dependents

If you are planning to bring your spouse or dependents on a J2 visa, please consult the IFSS webpage.

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