The Center hosts the following ongoing student opportunities:

Externships with Native Nations

Each year GLILC facilitates and funds summer legal employment with Native Nations in the Great Lakes Region. Between three and twenty students benefit from living and working in Native settings for up to eight weeks during the summer break under the supervision of tribal attorneys, judges, and legislators. Student participants have the opportunity to work with legal issues involving Federal, state, and Native Nation law simultaneously. Participants have written legal opinions for Native Nation courts and drafted codes for tribal legislators that were incorporated into Native Nation law. The Ho-Chunk Constitution was drafted with the assistance of UW Law  students through the Center. Future participants might draft codes and statutes, address land and natural resource issues, or gain experience in family law, criminal law or civil litigation. Whatever their summer experience might be, working with the various Native Nation departments or agencies on the myriad issues confronting Native Nations and their citizens has consistently proven to be personally and professionally rewarding.

Past GLILC Summer Externs

Project Assistants

GLILC maintains student Project Assistants during the academic year to conduct specialized legal research for Native Nations.

Students interested in serving as Project Assistants should contact Director Amanda White Eagle for more information.

Annual Conference

GLILC and the UW Law School Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA) co-sponsor the annual "Coming Together of the Peoples Conference". This is the oldest student-run Native law conference in the nation, and always features a mix of legal issues of current and long-term interest to the community.

Contributions to help the Center carry out its mission are greatly appreciated.

For more information on Center activities please email Director Amanda White Eagle.

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