We are now in the midst of the Finals push, and the finish line is in sight. However, you may be getting a bit...tired...burned out...stressed. Well, one great way to shake those feelings as you wrap up is to go for a change in scenery. Maybe you study at home, or have one particular place you like in the library. Here is a short list of locations in the library from insiders that are great places to really bear down and finish the semester strong.

For more general tips on how to succeed with your finals, check out our 10 quick tips for studying for law school exams.

Best location for peace and quiet: Government Documents stacks on the first floor

Gov Docs

Best Location for people watching: Right in front of the windows in the Habush, Habush, and Rottier Reading Room


Best location for group studying: Any of the Law Library's 8 study rooms...Make a reservation online right now!

Study group


Best area to meet with large groups: The Study Lab, complete with large tables perfect for meeting and small presentations.

Study Lab

Best Location for Old School super quiet and uber-intense studying: The historic Quarles and Brady Room complete with the Freeing of the Slaves mural

...And that is just scratching the surface of all our out-of-the-way places for law students to study. Check with a Reference Librarian to get more tips on the best places to prep for success. Good luck on your finals!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on January 15, 2019

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