Assistant Professor of Law

Telephone: 608-265-9498
Office: Room 6107, Law School

J.D., Yale Law School
Ph.D, Stanford University
M.A., University of British Columbia
B.A., University of Alberta

Teaching Areas:
Civil Procedure
Conflict of Laws
Ethics & Professional Responsibilities
Federal Jurisdiction
Health Law

Recently Taught Courses
850 Professional Responsibilities

Research Interests:
Legal Theory
Procedural Justice
Law and Language
Judges and Courts
Legal Ethics
Bioethics and Health Law


Professor Varsava’s research interests include the professional responsibilities of lawyers, judges, health care providers, and clinical researchers; procedural practices and norms in the legal and medical contexts; and the language and rhetoric of legal and medical professionals and institutions. She employs both philosophical and empirical methods to study these topics.

Professor Varsava has published her research in law reviews and peer-reviewed journals in the humanities and social sciences, and has also published pieces in non-academic venues such as SLATE and Colorado Lawyer. Her scholarship has been discussed in media outlets including the The New York Times and the American Bar Association Journal.

She has also co-written amicus briefs in cases concerning professional responsibility, and has advised clients on professional responsibility issues in legal practice, health care, and clinical research. Following law school, Professor Varsava served as a Judicial Law Clerk for the Supreme Court of Colorado.

In her spare time, Professor Varsava enjoys climbing rocks, cliffs, and walls.