Admissions & Applying

Thank you for your interest in the University of Wisconsin Law School.

We are looking for students who have the intellectual ability to meet the challenges of the University of Wisconsin Law School and who will bring something special to our law school community.

We are looking for students from a variety of backgrounds who will take advantage of the exciting opportunities we offer and bring their talents, ideas, and experiences to us.

If you are a student who meets these requirements, we hope you will apply.

Learn more about J.D. Admissions:

J.D. Program Contact Information

For further information, please contact the J.D. Admissions Office at 608-262-5914, or by email at

Graduate Programs & Fellowships

The University of Wisconsin Law School offers three degree programs for those who already have a basic law degree. The programs are under the direction of the Graduate Admissions Committee at the Law School.

The Law School also has a well-known specialized fellowship program:

Graduate Programs Contact Info

For more detailed information, visit Graduate Programs or contact the Graduate Programs Admissions Office at 608-262-9120 or by email.

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