The Research Centers — home to UW Law School's Institute for Legal Studies (ILS), Global Legal Studies Center (GLS) and East Asian Legal Studies Center (EALSC) — supports the intellectual mission of the Law School through: 

Research Centers Events

The ILS, GLS, EALSC, and the UW Human Rights Program (HRP) host a variety of scholarly events throughout the semester.

Our Legal Studies Centers

East Asian Legal Studies Center

EALSC supports faculty and student research on East Asian legal issues, organizes talks and conferences on campus, hosts visiting scholars, develops and maintains academic partnerships in East Asia, and promotes East Asian legal studies at the University of Wisconsin and beyond.

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Global Legal Studies Center

GLS supports research in international legal studies, organizes workshops and conferences, expands connections with scholars and institutions in the U.S. and overseas, and deepens links with other international programs at the UW.

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World Flags

Institute for Legal Studies

ILS facilitates scholarly work on sociolegal topics by providing support for the Legal History Program; sponsoring faculty workshops on works in progress, professional development and research methods; and organizing guest lectures, symposia and conferences.

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For the latest on the Research Centers events and faculty, read the Research Centers Newsletter or follow the Research Centers at UW Law School on Facebook.

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