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The Research Centers of the Law School supports the intellectual mission of the Law School by organizing regular speaker series, workshops and conferences on topics of interest to faculty and other topical local, national and global legal issues. It also facilitates faculty research by organizing regular works-in-progress workshops, John Kidwell Memorial lecture on Contracts, the constitutional law schmooze and the South Asia Legal Studies pre-conference. In addition, it supports three student-led events: the Law Review Symposium, the Wisconsin International Law Journal annual symposium and the annual international law conference organized by the Wisconsin International Law students.

It houses three research centers under its umbrella (Institute for Legal Studies, Global Legal Studies Center and the East Asian Legal Studies Center) and organizes all events sponsored by the three Centers. In addition, it coordinates the Law School's study abroad program and the visiting scholar program and provides administrative support to the campus-wide interdisciplinary human rights program. It also collaborates with units and departments on campus in sponsoring various academic events.

To learn more about the Research Centers, check out the Research Centers Newsletter or head to the Research Centers Facebook page.

Institute for Legal Studies (ILS)

The Institute for Legal Studies acts as a catalyst and facilitator for scholarly work on sociolegal topics carried out by law faculty and their collaborators. It provides support for events sponsored by the Dean's Office and faculty members, and sponsors speaker series, workshops, symposia and conferences. The Institute also sponsors the Law & Society Graduate Fellows program.

Global Legal Studies Center (GLS)

The Global Legal Studies Center's goal is to support research in international legal studies, organize workshops and conferences, expand collaborations with scholars and institutions in the U.S. and overseas, deepen links with the International Division and other international programs on campus, and share expertise. It coordinates study abroad opportunities for law students and provides administrative support to the campus-wide, inter-disciplinary Human Rights Program.

East Asian Legal Studies Center (EALSC)

The East Asian Legal Studies Center seeks to increase the Law School's academic interaction with universities, government institutions, and the private sector in East and Southeast Asia. It has an internship program for law students and provides assistance to faculty and students to further their research on areas related to East Asian Legal Studies.

Visiting Scholars Program

The Research Centers coordinate the visiting scholars program for the Law School. Each year we are able to host a limited number of self-funded scholars from the U.S. and from other countries whose work is of interest to our faculty.  We offer visiting scholars the opportunity to conduct research in a world class university with access to extensive library resources and legal databases. Visiting scholars also have the opportunity to participate in academic events at the Law School and University.

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