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The Institute for Legal Studies, established in 1985, brings together faculty, fellows and students to support research and discussion on sociolegal topics. Activities include works-in-progress workshops and professional development for law faculty; guest lectures, symposia and conference hosting; and fellowship administration.

Support for the Legal History Program is fundamental to the mission of ILS. The teaching and study of legal history has deep roots in Wisconsin, where our groundbreaking approach to historical studies examines the interaction between law and social forces —"law in context," rather than law as a system unto itself.

For information about past programs and events, please visit the UW Law School Repository.

List of events

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Our Regular Speaker Series

Fellowship Opportunities

Additional Programming

  • Midwest Law and Society Retreat
    A biennial event for faculty and graduate students from the Midwest's diverse law and society programs for a weekend of intellectual exchange and community building.
  • American Bar Foundation Speaker Exchange Series
  • Wisconsin Discussion Group on Constitutionalism
    An annual faculty workshop hosted by Professors David Schwartz, Heinz Klug, and Asifa Quraishi-Landes


Susannah Tahk
Susannah Tahk

Professor Susannah Tahk
Director, Institute for Legals Studies
Associate Dean for Research and Administration
UW Law School, Room 5211B
Phone: 608-890-3750

Visiting scholars, honorary fellows and affiliated faculty

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