The Rural Entrepreneurship Program is an L&E Clinic intiative intended to support entrepreneurship outside of Madison and Milwaukee. 

Program Goals

The goal of the program is two-fold:

Entrepreneur Support

Our program supports entrepreneurs by providing direct legal action and outreach. We do this in two ways: referrals to our services and Clinic Connect office hours.

Service Referrals

We work with community partners to identify entrepreneurs that may need legal support and refer them to the L&E Clinic for free legal advice.

Wisconsin Landscape in autumn

Clinic Connect Office Hours

We also work with community partners to bring Clinic Connect Office Hours as an additional service to programming that is already occurring in the community.

L&E clinic students leading a brainstorming presentation

Student Involvement

For law students, participating in the Rural Entrepreneurship Program is a unique opportunity.

For students interested in working outside of Madison or Milwaukee, working in the program can introduce them to community leaders, lawyers, and entrepreneurs in the communities where they want to practice. In turn, it lets the communities meet our students and see their high calibre work up close.

When our students leave UW Law School and go out to practice, they will have a head start.

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