Learn more about the free legal advice that L&E provides to nascent entrepreneurs and early stage companies. We also offer additional services for established businesses, UW faculty & staff, UW athletes, and rural entrepreneurs.


Legal Advice for Entrepreneurs

Form your business.

The first step for most founders is to select and form a business entity.

We advise clients on the type of legal entity that best suits their goals by reviewing their funding strategies, ownership models, business plans and tax exposure.

We then follow up to be sure the correct legal documents are properly filed.

Shape your intellectual property portfolio.

We help entrepreneurs add value to their early-stage enterprise by providing a solid footing for their intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

Many of our clients have bold new inventions, brands and content that they want to protect as they bring their ideas to market.  Our students and supervising attorneys routinely analyze the patentability of inventions, advise on trademark rights for brands and review content for copyright protection.

Set rules of the road for your online presence.

Sophisticated websites are at the heart of the business model for many of our clients.

We help our clients draft privacy policies that comply with legal requirements and effectively communicate how they protect sensitive data. We also build terms of service agreements designed to limit the liability of our clients and to ensure a great user experience for their customers and business partners.

Establish strong relationships with your employees and contractors.

Well-drafted contracts are a great way to build business relationships from a solid foundation.

We draft employment contracts and independent contractor agreements that:

  • Protect the intellectual property and trade secrets of our clients
  • Establish a clear scope of work to be delivered and terms of payment
  • Specify what happens when a contract ends

Additional Services

Office Hours

We hold regular office hours to provide general guidance and respond to questions. 

L&E Clinic students and staff around a table discussing clients

Faculty Consulting

We provide a number of services free of charge to University of Wisconsin faculty and staff.

students and staff discussing around a table

Name, Image & Likeness

We represent University of Wisconsin student athletes to review name, image, and likeness (NIL) contracts free of charge.

clinical instructor Tami Patel meeting with clinic students at a table

Rural Entrepreneurship Program

The Rural Entrepreneurship Program is our initiative intended to support entrepreneurship outside of the Madison and Milwaukee areas.

clinical instructor Jeffrey Glazer and two clinic students enjoying a clinic meeting

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