Clinical Associate Professor, Neighborhood Law Clinic


Mitch is an Associate Clinical Law Professor and Director of the Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC). The Neighborhood Law Clinic has a twofold mission of service and education.  The service mission is to provide quality legal representation and advocacy services to people in the community. The educational mission is to create a learning environment where, by taking responsibility for clients' cases, students develop lawyering skills and learn to think critically about both the role and limits of the law as a force for justice and social change.

Mitch has long been determined to increase access to justice, so much so that he worked overtime to graduate from the UW-Law School early.  He immediately went on to co-found Community Justice Inc., a non-profit charitable law firm that provides direct legal services to low-income individuals. His practice focused primarily in the areas of housing law, employment law, government benefits, and Guardian ad litem work.  As a clinical faculty member his pedagogical focus centers on creating a challenging but balanced experiential learning environment for students and researching improved methods to deliver legal services to those in need.

Mitch is a member and former Chair of the Wisconsin State Bar's Public Interest Law Section. 

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