Clinical Professor, Neighborhood Law Clinic


J.D., University of Wisconsin Law School


Mitch is a Clinical Law Professor and the Director of the Economic Justice Institute (EJI), home to the Law School's civil legal clinics: the Consumer Law Clinic, Family Court Clinic, Immigrant Justice Clinic, Neighborhood Law Clinic and VOCA Restraining Order Clinic. Professor Mitch teaches and supervises students in the Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC). The Neighborhood Law Clinic has a twofold mission of education and service. The educational mission is to create a learning environment where, by taking responsibility for clients' cases, students develop lawyering skills and learn to think critically about both the role and limits of the law as a force for justice and social change. The service mission is to provide quality legal representation and advocacy services to people in the community.

Mitch has long been determined to increase access to justice. He co-founded Community Justice Inc., a nonprofit tax-exempt sliding-scale law firm that provides direct legal services to low-income individuals. His practice has focused primarily in the areas of housing law, employment law, government benefits, and Guardian ad litem work. As a clinical faculty member his pedagogical focus centers on creating a challenging experiential learning environment for students who represent clients in all phases of litigation, and researching improved methods to deliver legal services to those in need.

Mitch is the Law School's representative on the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission and former Chair of the Wisconsin State Bar's Public Interest Law Section.



Law Repository

Activities & Scholarship

  • Mitch has been reappointed for a three-year term as UW Law School's representative on the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission. The commission was created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court at the request of the State Bar of Wisconsin to aid the courts in improving the administration of justice.

Teaching Areas

  • Client Interviewing & Counseling
  • Community Lawyering
  • Employment Law
  • Housing & Urban Community Development Law
  • Pre-Trial Advocacy

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