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Course Schedule - Fall 2010

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The Law School's Department Code is 528.

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Course Number Section Number Course Title Call Number Instructor Days Times Location Min-Max Credits 60/90 Rule 64 Rule Years Notes
601001Intro to American Law77601Church, L.MWF1205-10032603-3n/aL4-L5No PF; LLM-LI/LLM/SJD students only. Exam: Dec. 13
602001Legal Sources77723Harrison, J.TR930-105032263-3n/aL4-L5No PF; LLM-LI students only. Exam: Dec. 17
602002Legal Sources77814Katcher, S.TR1100-122052293-3n/aL4-L5No PF; LLM-LI students only. Exam: Dec. 9
711001Contracts77602Whitford, W.MTWRF225-32052464-460L1Large section Exam: Dec. 21
711002Contracts77603Thompson, C.MTWRF1100-115532504-460L1Large section Exam: Dec. 21
711003Contracts77604Macaulay, S.MTWRF120-21552464-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 21
711004Contracts77605Sharafi, M.MTWRF330-42552234-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 21
711005Contracts77606Yackee, J.MTWRF850-94532474-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 21
711006Contracts77658Hendley, K.MTWRF120-21532534-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 21
713001Legal Process: Advanced Legal Analysis/ Law & Economics77847Komesar, N.T435-73552233-360L2-L3No PF; meets Legal Process Req. Exam: Dec. 19
714001Civil Procedure I77607Weston, C.TR850-105022254-460L1Medium section Exam: Dec. 12
714002Civil Procedure I77608Weston, C.TR225-42522254-460L1Medium section Exam: Dec. 12
714003Civil Procedure I77609Clauss, C.MWF200-32052294-460L1Medium section Exam: Dec. 12
714004Civil Procedure I77696Schwartz, D.MTWRF225-32032604-460L1Medium section Exam: Dec. 12
714005Civil Procedure I84649Snyder, B.MTWRF120-21532604-460L1Medium section Exam: Dec. 12
714006Civil Procedure I84650Edwards, T.TR540-74052464-460L1Medium section (evening) Exam: Dec. 12
715001Torts77610Barkan, S.MTWRF955-105052404-460L1Large section Exam: Dec. 8
715002Torts77611Komesar, N.MW435-63552464-460L1Large section (evening) Exam: Dec. 8
715003Torts77612Carstensen, P.MTWRF120-21522254-460L1Small group section; Exam: Dec. 8
715004Torts77613Camic, N.MTWRF120-21532474-460L1Small group section; Exam: Dec. 8
715005Torts77699Camic, N.MTWRF1205-10032474-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 8
715006Torts77811Ossorio, P.MTW815-94552234-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 8
726001Intro to Substantive Criminal Law77627Dickey, W.MTWRF1100-115552464-460L1Large section Exam: Dec. 16
726002Intro to Substantive Criminal Law77628Schultz, D.MTWRF955-105052464-460L1Large section Exam: Dec. 16
726003Intro to Substantive Criminal Law77629Kempinen, B.MTWRF1100-115532264-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 16
726004Intro to Substantive Criminal Law77659Klingele, C.MTWRF1100-115532474-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 16
726005Intro to Substantive Criminal Law77660Ross, M.MW1205-20552234-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 16
726006Intro to Substantive Criminal Law77799Prosser, M.TR1205-20552234-460L1Small group section Exam: Dec. 16
730001Federal Law & Indian Tribes77653Monette, R.MW930-105032263-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Legal Process req; Exam: Dec. 15
732001Real Estate Transactions I77748Viney, G.MW225-42522604-460L2-L3PF; Exam: Dec. 7
733001Trusts & Estates77630Erlanger, H.TR330-53022604-460L2-L3PF; satisfies T&E Req. limit: 135 students Exam: Dec. 5
736001Secured Transactions77631Cohen, A.TR1200-11532603-360L2-L3PF Exam: Dec. 16
739001Religion and the Constitution77815Althouse, A.TR120-21552292-260L2-L3PF; Con Law I required; meets Con Law II Req.; Exam: Dec. 11
740001Constitutional Law II77651Quraishi, A.TR930-105022603-360L2-L3PF; limit: 100 students; satisfies Con Law II Req.
740002Constitutional Law II77747Church, L.MW330-45052293-360L2-L3PF; Con Law I required; satisfies Con Law II Req.; Exam: Dec. 7
740003Constitutional Law II77775Althouse, A.MW120-24052403-360L2-L3PF; Con Law I required; satisfies Con Law II Req; Exam: Dec. 6
742001Taxation I77677Tahk, S.MTWR435-53052404-460L2-L3No PF; Exam: Dec. 18
743001Negotiations/Mediation/Arbitration77695Peppard, T.MW815-94532603-360L2-L3No PF; Limit: 20 students
743002Negotiations/Mediation77780Heymann, S.TR1200-11552403-360L2-L3No PF; limit: 16 students
743003Negotiations/Mediation77842Cagle, R.R850-105052232-260L2-L3PF; limit: 16 students
745001Labor Relations Law77652Clauss, C.MW435-55522603-360L2-L3PF Exam: Dec. 18
748001Antitrust77654Carstensen, P.MTWRF330-42532604-460L2-L3PF Exam: Dec. 7
752001Copyright Law84651Ghosh, S.MTWRF955-105032534-460L2-L3PF; Intro to IP recommended
753001Intro to Intellectual Property77763Ghosh, S.MWF1100-122022113-360L2-L3PF
760001Role of Police in a Free Society77750Scott, M.MW1100-122052293-360L2-L3PF; LW; Exam: Dec 10
768001Consumer Health Advocacy & Patient Centered Care Clinical84652Gaines, M.
Davis, S.
Mednick, A.
W435-60032261-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor; mandatory weekly staffings Weds. 435-600 pm
769001Consumer Issues in Health Care84653Gaines, M.
Davis, S.
Grossman, J.
1-360L2-L3PF; consent of instructor required; LW (if taken for 3 cr)
771001Sel. Topics Estate Planning: Estate & Trust Admin and Dispute Resolution77801Goldman, J.M330-53032262-260L2-L3No PF; Pre-req: T&E; limit: 18 students; LW
771002Sel. Topics Estate Planning: Financial Planning & Asset Management77816Seaborg, A.R225-52532533-360L2-L3PF; pre-req: T&E; Exam: Dec. 5
771003Sel. Topics Estate Planning: Estate & Business Planning: Closely Held Business77817Shiller, M.T850-105032682-260L2-L3Pre-req: T&E and Tax/Bus. (or consent); limit: 15 students
801001Evidence77632Dowdal, M.MTWR1100-115552404-460L2-L3PF; meets Evidence requirement. Exam: Dec. 9
801002Evidence77684Hurley, S.TR540-74022604-460L2-L3PF; limit: 100 students; meets Evidence Req. Exam: Dec. 14
802001Civil Procedure II77685Greene, L.MW1100-122022603-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Jurisdiction of Courts. Req. Exam: Dec. 10
802002Civil Procedure II77751Greene, L.MW225-34532533-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Jurisdiction of Courts Req. Exam: Dec. 7
802003Civil Procedure II84666Shumaker, R.TR540-70022253-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Jurisdiction of Courts Req. Exam: Dec. 14
808001Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for Discovery77688Kasieta, R.F850-105032263-390L2-L3PF; limit: 12 students LW
808002Advanced Legal Writing: Presenting to a Court77690Nowicki, P.T955-115532613-390L2-L3No PF; Limit: 14 students LW
808003Advanced Legal Writing: Problem Solving77860Kaiser, A.M1100-10032682-290L2-L3No PF Limit: 15 students LW
808004Advanced Legal Writing84704Kaiser, A.W1205-20532262-290L2-L3No PF Limit: 15 students LW
814001Appellate Advocacy I77866Butler, L.M955-115532613-360L2-L3PF; limit: 16 students LW
815001Appellate Advocacy-Moot Court (competitors)77633Dowdal, M.1-360L2-L3Req. consent of instructor
815002Appellate Advocacy-Moot Court (board/coaches)77634Dowdal, M.1-360L2-L3Req. consent of instructor
815003Appellate Advocacy-Moot Court (other)77676Dowdal, M.1-360L2-L3Req. consent of instructor
817001Business Organizations I77655Ohnesorge, J.MW930-105022603-360L2-L3PF Exam: Dec. 15
818001Comparative Law83902Hendley, K.TR800-92022113-390L2-L3No PF; satisfies the Legal Process Req. This class will not be offered again until Fall 2012.
821001Bankruptcy84667Lipson, J.MTWRF100-15522114-460L2-L3PF; Exam: Dec. 6
822001Family Law I77635Camic, N.TR930-105022113-360L2-L3PF Exam: Dec. 17
823001Family Law II84668Brito, T.MW930-105022113-360L2-L3PF Exam: Dec 15
824001Federal Jurisdiction77845Coan, A.TR1100-122022253-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Jurisdiction of Courts Req; Con Law II recommended; Exam: Dec. 9
827001International Law77858Trochev, A.MW1100-122032533-360L2-L3No PF; meets Legal Process Req; Exam: Dec 10
829001Jurisprudence77636Kaplan, L.TR430-6001295 Grainger3-390L2-L3No PF; satisfies Legal Process Req.
830001Land Use77797Larson, J.MWF1100-115522253-360L2-L3No PF Exam: Dec. 10
839001Remedies77823Mitchell, T.TR930-105032603-360L2-L3PF; Exam: Dec. 17
843001Unfair Trade Practices84669Thain, G.TR1100-122022113-360L2-L3PF; Exam: Dec. 9
845001Water Rights Law77846Monette, R.MW1230-15052293-360L2-L3PF; Exam: Dec. 13
850001Professional Responsibilities77777Mansfield, M.TR120-24052403-3*L2-L3PF; limit: 40 students; satisfies PR Req. Exam: Dec. 11
850002Professional Responsibilities77778Streit, K.MW850-94532532-2*L2-L3PF; limit: 35 students; satisfies PR Req.; Exam: Dec. 15
850003Professional Responsibilities77779Streit, K.MW1100-115532602-2*L2-L3PF; limit: 35 students; satisfies PR Req.; Exam: Dec. 10
850004Professional Responsibilities84670Kaiser, A.TR225-32052292-2*L2-L3PF; satisfies PR Req.; Exam: Dec. 20
852001Trial Advocacy77675Christensen, C.
Fehring, L.
M540-74032602-2*L2-L3PF only; Limit: 15 students; pre req: Evidence
852002Trial Advocacy77637Schwartz, D.T540-74032602-2*L2-L3PF only; Limit: 12 students; pre req: Evidence
852003Trial Advocacy77855Koss, P.W540-74032602-2*L2-L3PF only; limit: 15 students; pre req: Evidence
852004Trial Advocacy (Mock Trial)84662Dowdal, M.T540-74032502-3*L2-L3PF only; Trial Advocacy for Mock Trial Team; consent of instructor; pre req: Evidence PF only; precise meeting times TBA (late afternoons/ early evenings).
854001Clinical Program: Domestic Violence (Externship)77840Meuer, T.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854002Clinical Program: WI Department of Justice77812Kloppenburg, J.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854003Clinical Program: Judicial Internship77638Schultz, D.W435-53052231-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854004Clinical Program: Neighborhood Law Project (NLP)77841Mitch, .T1000-1200TBA1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854005Clinical Program: Family Court Assistance Project (FCAP):Domestic Violence & Immigration Clinic77639Frazier, R.1-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instr.
854006Clinical Program: Prosecution Project77764Kempinen, B.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854007Clinical Program: Disability Rights Wisconsin77678Spitzer-Resnick, J.
Greenley, M.
1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854009Clinical Program: Defense Project77813LaVigne, M.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854010Clinical Program: Family Court Assistance Project (FCAP): Restraining Order Clinic77795Mansfield, M.T330-45032611-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instr.
854011Clinical Program: Labor Law77724Clauss, C.1-7*L2-L3Req. consent of instructor
854012Clinical Program: Consumer Law77725Orr, S.W1100-10032681-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor. LW
854013Clinical Program: Crim. Appeals Project77749Lichstein, B.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854014Clinical Program: Wisconsin Innocence Project77776Findley, K.
Pray, J.
Lichstein, B.
1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor.
854015Clinical Program: Midwestern Environmental Advocates Externship77784Christenson, A.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854017Clinical Program: Restorative Justice Project77796DeWind, P.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854018Clinical Program: Family Law Project (FLP)77863Shear, L.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854019Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship77867Englund, E.M500-70032681-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor
854020Clinical Program: Hayes Police Prosecution Project77872Scott, M.
Kempinen, B.
860001Adv Crim Pro: Rep Criminal Appellant77640Pray, J.
Lichstein, B.
M1205-11532613-360L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor LW
862001Legal Assist to Institutionalized Persons77641Dickey, W.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
871001International Trade Law77765Ibele, E.MW540-70022113-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Legal Process Req. Exam: Dec. 12
880001Client Interviewing & Counseling77774Viney, G.F850-105022112-290L2-L3PF; limit: 20 students
895001WI International Law Journal77642Klug, H.1-390L2-L3Admission to Journal LW
896001WI Journal of Law, Gender & Society77643Quraishi, A.1-390L2-L3Admission to Journal LW
899001Wisconsin Law Review77644Church, L.1-390L2-L3Admission to Journal LW
904001SP Con Law: 1st Amendment77673Desai, A.MW930-105022253-360L2-L3No PF; satisfies Con Law II req.; Con law II recommended; Exam: Dec. 15
904002SP Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments77848Strang, D.
Berghahn, M.
MW515-63532473-360L2-L3PF; satisfies Con Law II Req; limit 15 students LW
904003SP Con Law: Past, Present, Future of Reproductive Freedom77849Coan, A.W1100-10032613-360L2-L3PF; Limit: 15 students; Con Law II (Law 740) required
904004SP Con Law: 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments77850Butler, L.TR225-34532263-360L2-L3PF; limit: 15 students; Con Law I or Crim J Admin recommended; satisfies Con Law II Req. LW
914001Securities Regulation77818Ibrahim, D.MWF1100-115552233-360L2-L3PF; Bus Org I or II strongly recommended; Exam: Dec. 10
915001SP Crim. J. Admin.: Sentencing & Corrections77679Klingele, C.
Dickey, W.
M120-32032502-360L2-L3No PF; Req. consent of instructor (contact Prof. Klingele) LW
915002SP Crim. J. Admin.: Claims of Innocence77783Pray, J.
Findley, K.
TR1205-11532503-360L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor LW
915003SP Crim. J. Admin.: Victims in the Criminal Justice System77856Karofsky, J.
Gundersen, J.
2-260L2-L3Course cancelled
918001SP International Law: International Commercial Arbitration77692Yackee, J.TR1100-122032533-360L2-L3PF; Exam: Dec. 9
918002SP International Law: Climate Change, Human Rights & the Environment77825Atapattu, S.R120-32032502-390L2-L3PF; limit: 20 students; Public International Law recommended
926001SP Tort Law: Wisconsin Negligence Methodology84697Dykman, C.W120-32032502-260L2-L3PF; limit: 20 students.
928001SP Land Law: Residential Property Development84672Landgraf, T.TR400-5152190 Grainger3-360L2-L3Meets with Real Estate 611; pre-req: Law 928 "Real Estate Process" in Spring 2010; to enroll,contact Joanna Binsfeld a
935001Health Law and Administration (Intro to Health Law)77729Noonan, K.T120-32022602-360L2-L3PF; limit: 35 students; Exam: Dec. 11
940001L&CP: Intro to Patient Advocacy77674Gaines, M.
Davis, S.
Mednick, A.
3-360L2-L3PF; consent of instructor required; limited to Consumer Health Advocacy Certificate or Capstone Certificate students
940002L&CP: Research & Administrative Issues in Taxation77693Talarczyk, A.TR1100-12152270 Grainger3-360L2-L3PF; limit: approx 2 Law students; meets with AIS 724.
940003L&CP: Domestic Violence77645Meuer, T.M540-83052233-360L2-L3PF; Limit 20 students.
940004L&CP: Fundamentals of Business Transactions I77730Heymann, S.MWF1205-10022253-360L3No PF Pre-req: 3L status & Bus. Org. I.
940005L&CP: Law, Theology & the State77694Kaplan, L.T600-9001080 Grainger3-390L2-L3No PF; satisfies Legal Process Req; once per month course may meet on Thurs at 600-900 pm.
940006L&CP: Ethical Issues in Crim Justice (Prosecution)77646Kempinen, B.W330-53022112-2*L2-L3PF; Req. consent of instructor; partip. In Prosecution Project; satisfies PR Req.
940007L&CP: Ethical Issues in Crim Justice (Defense)77798LaVigne, M.W330-53032502-2*L2-L3No PF; Req. consent of instructor; partip. in Public Defender Project; satisfies PR Req.
940008L&CP: German & European Civil Law77731Esterhaus, L.
Forster, W.
TR1205-20532682-290L2-L3Course concludes by mid-October; strongly recommended for students interested in studying abroad at EUI in Florence.
940009L&CP: Law & People with Disabilities77647Spitzer-Resnick, J.
Hanna, J.
R330-53032612-260L2-L3No PF
940010L&CP: Property Law & Rural Development77648Mitchell, T.W850-105032503-360L2-L3No PF; req. consent of instructor; Bus Org, Real Estate Transactions recommended. LW
940011L&CP: Intro to Islamic Law77686Quraishi, A.W225-42532263-390L2-L3PF; LW
940012L&CP: Telecommunications Law77649Smith, L.T1100-10022602-260L2-L3PF; limit: 20 students.
940013L&CP: Housing & Economic Development Law77852Alexander, L.T120-32032613-360L2-L3No PF; consent of instructor required; Bus org I, Tax I, NLP, Consumer Law Clinic recommended LW
940014L&CP: Tax Policy77657Christians, A.T120-32032503-360L2-L3PF only; consent of instructor required; Tax I required LW
940015L&CP: Human Rights in Latin America77857Huneeus, A.T955-115552233-390L2-L3No PF; limit: 20 students
940016L&CP: Health Care Fraud and Abuse77861Dechene, J.M500-70032532-260L2-L3
940017L&CP: Animal Law85148Senatori, M.T540-74032532-290L2-L3No PF; Exam: Dec. 14
940018L&CP: ERISA85149Knudsen, T.R330-53032472-260L2-L3PF
950001Lawyering Skills: Oral Communication77726Stoker, M.M120-32032681-190L2-L3Limit: 16 students; meets first 8 weeks of term only.
950002Lawyering Skills: Mediation77727Stanton, M.W850-105052292-260L2-L3PF only; limit: 16 students
950003Lawyering Skills: Lawyers as Community Leaders77862Cagle, R.3-390L2-L3Course cancelled; see Law 950-004
950004Lawyering Skills: Lawyers as Community Leaders85228Cagle, R.W540-74052232-390L2-L3Limit: 15 students
957001Intro. to Estate Planning77854Bensky, J.
Verhoff, L.
T330-53032682-260L2-L3No PF; limit: 12 students; pre-req: T&E plus once course in tax or estate planning (or consent) LW
980001African Law: Sudanese Revolution77822Thompson, C.M120-32032612-390L2-L3No PF; LW; Exam: Dec. 6
989001Environmental Law & Practice77709Dawson, T.
Kent, P.
TR435-55522113-360L2-L3PF Exam: Dec. 19
990001Directed Research1-1290L2-L3 1-6 cr for J.D students; 1-12 for MLI, SJD. Go to Rm. 5106 for form
991001Directed Reading1-390L2-L3Go to Rm. 5106 for form