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The University of Wisconsin Law School's Office of Career and Professional Development looks forward to working with you and meeting your recruiting needs. If there is anything we can do to make your recruiting at Wisconsin more convenient, please contact us

If you would like to post an available position at your organization, please see Posting a Job in the Job Bank below.  Additionally, please see below for information regarding our On-Campus Interviewing & Resume Collect programs.

We are pleased you are interested in hiring our students. The University of Wisconsin Law School is committed to the highest standards in legal education and offers employers outstanding law students and graduates for summer and permanent employment. With a highly competitive student body, distinguished faculty members, and premier academic and clinical programs, we are confident you will find the high-caliber candidates you seek to meet your recruiting needs.  In addition, our Legal Education Opportunities (LEO) Program, a national model for the recruitment and retention of students of color, is of particular interest to employers seeking diverse candidates. 

Services We Provide to Employers

Our general services to employers include:

Nondiscrimination Policy

Any employer who seeks the assistance of the Office of Career and Professional Development and/or our facilities for interviewing and other placement functions shall observe and agree to the University of Wisconsin Law School’s principle of equal opportunity, which states:

Pursuant to University of Wisconsin-Madison policy, no student may be denied admission to, or participation in or the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any service, program, course or facility on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, pregnancy, marital or parental status, or any other category protected by law, including physical condition or developmental disability as defined in Wisconsin Statutes §51.01(5). By checking the Policy Affirmation box when entering a position, you are agreeing to abide by this policy. Penalties for violating the policy may include denial of University assistance and facilities.

Unpaid Positions

Any positions listed as unpaid with for-profit private sector employers are presumed to be in compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws. For additional information, please visit the United States Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division.

Recruiting & Timing Guidelines for Employers

(Effective May 1, 2019)

To facilitate productive communication between students and employers throughout the recruiting process, The University of Wisconsin Law School has outlined the following guidelines for the timing of applications, interviews, and offer responses. We encourage employers to follow these guidelines as the UW Law School feels adherence to these rules is in both the employers’ and students’ best interests. For the most part, UW Law will continue to follow the National Association of Law Placement (NALP) Principles and Standards in place prior to December 12, 2018, which set forth an ethical framework for recruiting.

For First-Year Students

Phase Guideline
Initial Application Date

Employers are encouraged not to solicit applications from 1L students before November 15, especially if employment decisions will be made only after first semester grades are available in January. 

Government agencies, which require extensive background checks, may recruit earlier.

Interviews Employers should abstain from conducting 1L interviews between Thanksgiving and the end of fall semester exams unless a student has been offered alternate dates and prefers to interview during this time period.

Offers made through clinical programs and Spring OCI are to be held open until the first Friday in March.

Other employers should keep this timing in mind to provide students the opportunity to conduct their due diligence, but should otherwise provide students with a reasonable amount of time for a response after a student receives an offer letter.

For Second-Year Students

Students Guideline
Students not previously employed by an employer

Offers should be held open for 28 days from the latter of:

  • the date of the offer letter; or,
  • the date of the first day of Phase 1 of UW Law's OCI.

Offers made after December 1 should be held open for at least 15 days.

students previously employed by an employer Offers should be held open for 28 days from the first day of Phase 1 of OCI.
all students Students should not hold more than 3 offers open at a time.

For all Employers

Offers for full-time, post-graduate employment should be held open for 14 days from the date of the offer letter.

Reaffirmation Requests of Students

The following applies to all students:

  • Students should reaffirm their interest in an offer within 14 days of receiving it if the offer letter requests such reaffirmation.
  • Employers may retract an offer from a student if the offer letter requests reaffirmation and the students failed to reaffirm interest in the offer within 14 days. 
  • Employers are encouraged to contact the Office of Career and Professional Development before retracting an offer if they are having difficulties in receiving reaffirmation from a student.

Posting a Job in the Job Bank

The University of Wisconsin Law School Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) maintains an online Job Bank called Symplicity that is used by current students and UW Law graduates. All job openings we receive are entered into our Job Bank – free of charge – for whatever time period you specify. The Job Bank can be used for permanent, full-time positions (entry-level or lateral) and for summer clerkships, part-time positions, and one-time-only research projects.

To post a law-related job in our Symplicity, you may proceed as follows: 

  1. Go to Symplicity to begin the registration process. 
  2. At the sign-in screen, click on the "Sign-up" button, provide the information requested, and click submit.
  3. Once you have created your account you can post, update, and completely manage all of your job postings.

The OCPD staff looks forward to working with you in your recruiting efforts. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us. Please note, OCPD reserves the right to remove or reject a posting for any reason and without notice.

On-Campus Interviews & Resume Collections

Employers are welcome to interview on-campus year-round. Our office hosts two interview programs throughout the academic year:

Fall 2020 OCI

The Office of Career and Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin Law School invites you to participate in our Fall 2020 On-Campus Interview and Resume Collection Program. Please note that Fall OCI 2020 has been rescheduled to January 25-29, 2021, and will be held virtually. We are happy to accommodate later dates as well. Because the number of employers we can accommodate each day is limited, we accept reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no fee charged for the use of our facilities, and all interviews are 100% selected by the employer. We do request that employers participating in our Fall OCI program hold offers open for 28 days from the offer date. 

Registration is now open via Symplicity.

Register to Interview

Employers with Wisconsin Law Symplicity accounts*:

  1. Login to Wisconsin Law Symplicity for Employers with your username and password.
  2. Click "OCI" or "Submit Schedule Request."
  3. Select the Session from the dropdown.
  4. Fill out the form and submit.

*To create a Wisconsin Law Symplicity account:

  1. Go to Wisconsin Law Symplicity for Employers and click "Sign Up."
  2. Fill out the form and submit.
  3. You will receive a username and password within 24 hours. Once you have a username and password, follow the instructions above.

Spring 2021 OCI

Each spring we host our Spring on-campus recruitment program in February. Registration will open in Fall 2020 via Symplicity.

Resume Collections

We welcome you to participate through our resume collection process if you are unable to conduct interviews on-campus. Register via Symplicity.

Thank you for your interest in on-campus interviewing. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit campus and meet our students!

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