UW Law School Access For Students and Alumni Of Other Law Schools

Career and Professional Development facilities and resources are available to current law students and alumni of schools which provide reciprocal services to UW Law School students.

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UW Law School Students & Alumni

A UW Law student or graduate may request reciprocity which may allow him or her to utilize the career services resources of another law school. In some cases, the reciprocal school may restrict the use of their resources, or deny reciprocity altogether, so it is best to investigate the other schools' reciprocity policy before applying. As of Fall 2013, students and alumni can make one reciprocity request per academic year. In addition, we are unable to request reciprocity renewals. UW Law students, please watch the Requesting Reciprocity video in OCPD's current Canvas course before requesting.

To find out the reciprocity policy of a particular law school, visit NALP's website at http://www.nalp.org/reciprocitypolicies. There you will find a list that includes the complete text of the reciprocity policy of almost every law school. You will see that most law schools have a "black out" period in the early fall (typically mid-August until mid to late-October), when they are unable to grant reciprocity because of the demands of their fall on-campus interview programs.

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By checking this box you indicate that you have read and understand your requested school's reciprocity policy.

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