University of Wisconsin–Madison

Course category: Law Practice Skills

602 Legal Sources

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
602-001Strange, JohnMW 110-2303247

743 Negotiation/Mediation

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
743-001Hahn, ErinPhillips, MeganR 430-6303250
743-002Williams, MelissaSenatori, MeganT 300-5005240

808 Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for Law Practice

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
808-001Weigold, UrsulaR 240-4403226
808-002Strange, John

815 Appellate Advocacy (moot court-Environmental Law (ELS))

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
815-005Tai, Steph
815-007Monette, Richard

849 Pre-Trial Advocacy

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
849-001Edwards, TimothyM 540-7403250

852 Trial Advocacy: Practical Litigation Skills

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
852-001Kasieta, RobertW 110-310 3260
852-003Peterson, Kim
852-004LaVigne, MicheleT 410-6103260
852-005Williams, Sir
852-006Glinberg, LannyT 410-6103250

854 Clinical Program: Consumer Law Clinic

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
854-001Orr, SarahR 900-11003268
854-002LaVigne, Michele
854-003Paulson, RebeccaR 900-1000WI Dept Justice
854-004Mansfield, MarshaR 110-2305223
854-005Sperling, Carrie Wright, StevenW 240-3353226
854-006Hadjimarkos, Sarah
854-007McBride, Erin
854-008Scharrer, Jonathan
854-009Mitch, R 900-11003261
854-010Shear, Leslie
854-011Glinberg, Lanny
854-012Scheiber Jurss, HannahTR 110-2303260
854-013McBride, ErinF 900-10203261
854-014McBride, Erin
854-015Smith, AnneF 1000-12001403 Univ. Ave.
854-016Stevenson, Adam
854-017Stevenson, Adam
854-019Heeren, GeoffF 1000-12003268

862 Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons (LAIP)

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
862-001Prosser, Mary

950 Lawyering Skills Course

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
950-001Viney, GretchenMTWR 110-4003250
950-003Shucha, BonnieT 950-1150Law Library Computer Lab
950-006Nili, Yaron

953 SP Bus. Orgs: Corporate Governance and Deals Lab

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
953-001Nili, YaronTR 240-4002225~