Forms for 2021-2022 were posted on June 30, 2021.

Co-curricular activities, registered student organizations, and individual students must use the forms below to request Law School JD Grants funding for events and travel. 

Before planning a trip or an in-person local event, please review the Financial Planning Guide for Students (PDF) to learn about the policies and rules you must follow.  For more information, see the "Overview" page.

Note: Students cannot sign financial contracts. Contact the External Affairs Office at regarding any contracts related to your event.

Pre-Event FORMS

The following forms must be submitted before the event:

Budget Forms

Local Event Forms

Travel Forms

Note: Student travelers cannot add or combine personal travel with university-sponsored travel.

Post-Event Forms

The following forms are for event expenses and reimbursement requests. These should be submitted after the event:

Submitting Forms

Email Forms to

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