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Please review these two documents for information about the JD Grants Committee's general funding process and about other funding sources available for some events.  Both of these documents have been updated since the April 24, 2024, Student Information Session.


Getting Started

Planning events requires careful attention to details and to the many University and Law School requirements.  The following list highlights some of the most important considerations at the start of event planning.


Travel Awards

For 2024-2025, students will continue to receive travel awards as required by federal law.  With travel awards, students receive money directly from the Bursar's Office, and then they make their own travel arrangements.  Students do not have to work with the university's travel agency, use the Concur site, or follow most university travel requirements.

To comply with federal law, travel awards are processed as scholarships. If you have questions about how a travel award will interact with your financial aid, please contact Heidi Johnson, Assistant Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid, at  


Student Information Sessions on April 24, 2024 (new), and Sept. 7, 2023 (last year)

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