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JD Grants Committee

Law School funding of student events or travel is centralized in the J.D. Grants Committee, which was created by the Dean in 2014 to ensure a fair, consistent, and transparent process for distributing law school funds.  Students and student organizations must direct their funding requests to the Committee, not to individual administrators or deans.  Please review the instructions, forms, and deadlines below before applying for funding.

Overview of the Funding Process


Financial Planning Guide for Students

Funding of events and travel is governed by a number of university policies and rules.  For example, the university will not pay for alcohol at student-sponsored events.  For more information about the policies that govern Hosted Meals and Events go to:

If you have questions about any policies, rules, or procedures, contact Jennifer Hanrahan of the Law School Business Office at

List of Other Funding Sources

Co-curricular activities, student organizations, and individual students must use the following forms to request Law School funding for events and travel.

Submit funding request forms to:

Forms required before the event:

After the JD Grants Committee approves funding for a trip, you will receive a copy of the UW-Madison Travel Approval Form (JD Grants Committee Version).  The University Accounting Office requires that this form be included in all reimbursement requests for travel expenses.

Forms required after the event:

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