Law School funding of student events or travel is centralized in the JD Grants Committee, which was created by the Dean in 2014 to ensure a fair, consistent, and transparent process for distributing law school funds.  Students and student organizations must direct their funding requests to the committee, not to individual administrators or deans.  Please review the instructions, forms, and deadlines below before applying for funding.

Planning in response to covid-19 (Information updated 9-30-2020)

For the foreseeable future, no one should make any financial commitments related to in-person local events or student travel.  Please monitor campus updates closely.  Non-compliance can be subject to disciplinary action through the University's misconduct process.

Local Events:  As of September 26, student organizations are permitted to return to in-person events that follow the University's COVID-19 Events and Meeting Policies.  (See link in next paragraph.)  We continue to encourage student groups to sponsor and participate in virtual events whenever possible.  The Law School is not allowing room reservations in the building until further notice.  If you plan an off-campus event, it must comply with Dane County orders and University policies.

For complete guidance for student organizations concerning events and meetings, see

Travel:  On August 6, the University announced that all University-sponsored travel outside of Wisconsin or by air within the state remains canceled until further notice.  Ground travel within Wisconsin must comply with University and Law School protocols.  These restrictions apply to students and registered student organizations.  

For the complete announcement, see

Travel Protocols

As of July 1, 2020, Travel Incorporated is the University's travel vendor for individuals and small groups of travelers.  (Fox World Travel will be providing travel-planning services only to groups of 10 or more who travel together.)  The change in travel vendor to Travel Incorporated may affect protocols for making travel arrangements.  Please contact Myra Sun at with questions about travel arrangements. 

Forms involving travel have been updated and are posted below.  Student travelers cannot add or combine personal travel with university-sponsored travel.  Please note that the University is not permitting travel at this time.  


  • If you have questions about committee plans, please contact Mary Ann Polewski, Chair of the 2020-2021 JD Grants Committee, at
  • If you have questions that can best be answered by the Law School Business Office, please contact Myra Sun at

Overview (updated for 2020-2021)

If you have a problem with meeting a deadline or missing a deadline, contact the committee chair, Mary Ann Polewski, at

Eligibility for JD Grants Funding

The following groups and individuals may request funding for events through the JD Grants Committee.

  • Co-curricular activities for JD degree students (law journals, Mock Trial, Moot Court)
  • Registered Student Organizations for JD degree students.  (For information about how to register an organization, see
  • Individual students currently enrolled in the JD degree program

Funding Criteria

The JD Grants Committee's goal is to provide fair, considered, and equitable disbursement of the available funds.  Because the committee considers funding requests for many types of events, the criteria are somewhat broad, and a number of the following factors may influence a decision to grant or deny a given request.  Not all of the criteria may apply to every event.

  • the educational value of the event or travel to the Law School community, the student organization or co-curricular activity, or the student participants (e.g., hosting speakers, organizing law conferences, representing the Law School at moot court or mock trial competitions);
  • any additional value of the event or travel to the larger Law School, academic, or legal community (e.g., pro bono service, public outreach or public relations, events related to diversity, equity, inclusion);
  • the logistics of the event or travel, such as cost, location, size of audience, number of students who benefit;
  • the efforts by the applicants to secure—and the availability of—alternative funding for the event or travel (within any constraints set by the University and Law School);
  • the quality of the application (e.g., complete, accurate, timely) and adherence to the required application process;
  • the amount of funding already received by the student group or individual in the current academic year for other events or travel; and
  • the history of good stewardship and accountability by the group or individual over previous Law School funding.

The committee does not fund expenses prohibited by State, University, or Law School rules or policies.  Depending on the available funds, not all qualifying requests may receive funding, and some events or travel may receive only partial funding.  Additionally, funding in one year does not guarantee future funding or funding amounts, even for the same type of event or travel.

Consistent with the criteria above, the committee rarely, if ever, funds:

  • primarily social events,
  • primarily networking events,
  • attendance at seminars or conferences that benefit only individual students, or
  • interview trips for individual students.

Financial Planning (updated for 2020-2021)

Financial Planning Guide for Students (PDF)

If the suspension of travel or in-person events is lifted, we strongly encourage all students who coordinate travel or local events to read the entire Financial Planning Guide for Students.  Funding for events and travel is governed by many university policies and rules, and you must be familiar with them in order to manage funds correctly.  Your trip or local event will be less stressful to plan and more successful if you understand and follow the policies and rules from the beginning.

One of the many rules for local events is that the university will not pay for alcohol at student-sponsored events.  For more information about the policies that govern Hosted Meals and Events go to:

Student Information Sessions (Updated FOR 2020-2021)

The following links are to the PowerPoint slides from two information sessions for the leaders of student organizations.  The first link is to a virtual meeting on September 21, 2020.  These slides provide information from several Law School sources (Student Affairs, Business Office, External Affairs, JD Grants Committee, Admissions). 

The second link is to the JD Grants Committee's new student leader orientation session on April 16, 2019.  Because of the pandemic, the committee did not hold a similar session in April 2020, but the 2019 slides still provide a useful overview of the JD Grants process.

JD Grants Forms (All forms have been updated for 2020-2021.)

Co-curricular activities, student organizations, and individual students must use the forms below to request Law School funding for events and travel. 

Before planning a trip or an in-person local event, please review the Financial Planning Guide for Students (above) to learn about the policies and rules you must follow.  Before planning anything but virtual events, see the information at the top of this page about restrictions related to COVID-19.

Submit budget and funding request forms to:

forms required before the event:

Note:  Student travelers cannot add or combine personal travel with university-sponsored travel.

Forms required after the event:

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