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Past Events and Programs

  • September 14, 2017: "Searching for Answers on a Warming Planet: Why We May Need Geoengineering" Simon Nicholson, Director, Global Environmental Politics Program, School of International Politics and Assistant Professor, International Relations, American University.

    Discussants: Dominique Brossard (UW-Madison) and Elisabeth Graffy (Arizona State University)
    Moderator: Paul Robbins (Nelson Institute, UW-Madison), multiple sponsors. See flyer

    September 15, 2017: Workshop "Climate Engineering Governance: Deepening the Dialogue" Wisconsin Energy Institute, Conference room 1115, 8:00am-5:15pm, multiple sponsors.

    Contact: Emily Reynolds
  • April 18, 2017: The Forum sponsored Julian Agyeman, author of "Sharing Cities and Just Sustainabilities," as part the of the 2017 Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference. The theme of the Conference was "Hope and Renewal in the Age of Apocalypse" and explored new perspectives and ideas on climate change, economic growth, social justice and other challenging issues.
  • April 25, 2016: The Forum sponsored Carolyn Finney, a leading scholar on diversity and the environment. She was a featured speaker at the 10th Annual Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference. Finney served on a panel, "Everyone's Earth: Sharing Experiences on a Restless Planet" that explored different cultural and historical perspectives on our relationships with nature.

    Finney's book, Black Faces, White Spaces, examines how the environment has been understood, commodified, and represented by both white and black Americans, and asks the question Why are African Americans so underrepresented when it comes to interest in nature, outdoor recreation and environmentalism?
  • April 2015: Principal sponsor of the Youth and Unity Summit that brought together young people in the Madison community to discuss a multitude of issues following the death of Tony Robinson.
  • March 2015: Principal sponsor of the UW/Native Nations Summit that addressed the most pressing environmental and health issues facing Wisconsin’s tribal communities.
  • April 2014: Principal sponsor of Nelson Institute’s 2014 Earth Day Conference on “Earth to be determined, Ecology, Economy and Justice in a rapidly changing World.”
  • April 2013: Jane Goodall, world-renowned conservationist, speaking on the topic of "Sowing the Seeds of Hope."
  • March 2012: Van Jones, author and former advisor to the Obama White House, discussing clean energy economy and green jobs.

  • September 2011: Fran Ulmer, former Lt. Governor of Alaska and chair of the Arctic Research Commission speaking of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

  • April 2010: Robert Kennedy, Jr., environmental lawyer and activist, arguing the cause of environmental justice on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.
  • October 2008: Robin Wright, author and Middle East expert, outlining the foreign policy challenges facing the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election.
  • March 2007: Stephen Lewis, former Special UN Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, addressing the particular problems facing women in Africa.

  • March 2005: South African Ambassador Barbara Masekela and then US Senator Russ Feingold discussing the 10th Anniversary of South Africa's Constitution.

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