South Asia Legal Studies LogoAn informal working group was established in 2006 to facilitate intellectual exchange between faculty and students at the University, plus coordinate and promote events pertaining to South Asian legal studies.

Members of the working group have had interests and expertise on various aspects of law in South Asia including: political science, history, religious studies, anthropology, and the following aspects of law: environmental, human rights, Islamic, discrimination, constitutional, women’s studies, and the legal profession. More complete descriptions of faculty interests are given on the respective websites for individual faculty listed below. 

The group meets monthly during the academic year to discuss work in the South Asian legal studies field including each other’s writings. Students or faculty interested in joining the occasional discussions of the working group are encouraged to contact any of the faculty listed below.


The group has initiated several activities including a workshop on South Asia Legal Studies which is organized to coincide with the annual South Asia Conference:


Scholars and Graduate Students affiliated with the Working Group

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