The John Kidwell Memorial Lecture is an annual event hosted by the Wisconsin Contracts Group featuring a paper focused on the law of contracts, remedies, copyrights, or trademarks. The lecture is hosted by Professors Kathie Hendley, Bill Whitford and Stewart Macaulay and is chaired by Professor Jonathan Lipson.

The lecture, first held in 2014, honors the memory of Professor John Kidwell (1945-2012) who taught at the UW Law School from 1972 until his retirement in 2005.

Kidwell collaborated with Professors Whitford and Macaulay to develop Wisconsin's unique approach to teaching Contract Law, reflected in their casebook, Contracts, Law in Action. 

headshot of the late Professor John Kidwell

Professor John Kidwell

Upcoming Lecture

2022 Kidwell Lecture featuring Professor Rachel Rebouche, "Bargaining about Birth"

On March 4, 2022Rachel Rebouche will present “Bargaining about Birth” (hybrid event) with comments by Carol Sanger.

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Past Lectures

This annual lecture has featured prominent contract scholars from around the country:


Wisconsin Contracts Group Members

The Wisconsin Contracts Group includes:

The late John Kidwell was a founding member of the group. 


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