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Please direct all general financial questions to Jennifer Gardner (jennifer.gardner@wisc.edu) in the accounting office.

Additionally, Associate Dean Bethany Pluymers is the Law School's Chief Financial Officer; she can provide additional assistance by email (bethany.pluymers@wisc.edu) or phone (608-265-7981).


  • If you do not plan to enter the reimbursement yourself, please ensure that you have Jennifer Hanrahan (faculty secretary) and/or Adam Bushcott (main office manager) listed as an alternate for you.  This is a security issue tied directly to your NetID and is a required step for all faculty/staff that want to delegate another person to enter their reimbursement requests. The steps to do so are below:
    1. When signed into MyUW, go to the Guided Expense Tool (GET)*.
      *Decommisioned on 9/30/19
    2. Click the "Manage Alternates" button on the left side.
    3. In the "Add an Alternate" box, begin typing in the last name of the person you want to grant permission to; when you see their name in the list that appears, click on their name.
    4. Click the "Add" button.
  • If you have already assigned alternate status:
    1. Fill out the Reimbursement Request form, breaking down your reimbursements and indicating the funding string to charge.
    2. Attach all required receipts and documentation (e.g., agenda, schedule, etc.).
    3. If the reimbursement is travel-related, please review UW/State travel policies (below).
    4. Return to Jennifer Hanrahan or Adam Bushcott for processing and approval within 3-5 business days; additionally, you may return the paperwork to the accounting office in Room 5106A or accounting mailbox. Please note that incomplete paperwork (missing receipts, lack of documentation, etc.) may delay your reimbursement. 


There are a number of policies related to travel, and the list below is not all inclusive. For a complete list of the policies, please see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.


For more information regarding air travel, lodging, and meal per diem maximums related to international travel, please see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.


Payment/Reimbursement for travel is limited to the lowest cost means of travel unless it is impractical or not available. Receipts and documentation are required and should show itinerary, traveler name, travel departure/arrival times, ticket number, amount of fare and proof of payment.

  • Booking methods: CONCUR is the UW-Madison required method for making domestic business-related airfare purchases.  The link will walk you through setting up a profile to book all your UW-Madison business-related travel.  This set-up process only needs to be done once.
  • Orbitz.com, Priceline.com, Airbnb.com, and other third-party sites are not in compliance with State of Wisconsin sales tax collection requirements and cannot be used to make any business-related bookings.
  • Complete supporting documentation for airfare includes the following:
  • An approved UW–Madison business purpose
  • An explanation and a cost comparison obtained at the time of booking are required under the following circumstances:
    • Indirect routing and/or extra stops for personal reasons:  Indirect routing/extra stops for personal reasons are allowable provided there are no additional costs incurred.
    • Departing from and/or returning to an alternate city: Departing from and/or returning to a city other than Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago is allowable provided the fare is more cost effective for the UW, including parking, mileage, meals, additional overnight stays, etc.
    • Departing earlier/returning later than business requires: It is acceptable to depart a day early and/or return a day late if it results in a substantial savings in airfare to offset the extra costs of the room, meals, etc.

For more information, please see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.


All lodging claims must be supported by an original, itemized, detailed receipt showing daily room rate, guest name(s), dates of stay, single/double accommodations, and all other room charges.

  • Original hotel receipt is required along with documentation of UW-Madison business-related event
  • There are maximum-allowed lodging rates for major US metropolitan areas.  For a specific location, please see the rate calculator
  • Domestic lodging that exceeds the maximum amount may be allowed if there is documentation showing an overall cost savings. For instance, choosing to stay at a hotel conference site should save you on taxi fare.  Documentation corroborating that the site selected is the conference hotel is required. The employee's selection of a hotel from a menu of properties recommended by the conference organizer is not sufficient justification for exceeding the lodging maximum.

For more information, please see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.


Claims for meals shall represent actual, reasonable and necessary expenses. Payment/Reimbursement for alcoholic beverages is not allowed.  Tax and tips (limited to 15%) are included in the maximum allowable amount. 

The maximum M&IE per diem allowance will be at a rate established by the Federal Government for the location and dates of travel.  The UW TravelWIse Rate Calculator is the official source for obtaining lodging and M&IE Per Diem rates prior to travel.

Payments/Reimbursements related to meals require:

  • Documentation of UW-Madison business (agenda, schedule, etc.)
  • Applicable Events Payment Form (this is only needed for hosted meals involving more than one individual). For the different types of events forms, see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.
  • Participant / attendees list (this is only needed for hosted meals involving more than one individual)

For more information regarding meals, please see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.


A rental vehicle may be used when it is the most cost-effective means of transportation available (i.e., out-of-state travel) for UW business.  Otherwise, for regional/in-state travel, a UW Fleet Vehicle may be used or mileage may be reimbursed for personal vehicle use.

  1. Employees and students who are required to drive on University sponsored business must be authorized to drive by UW-Madison Risk Management prior to operating personal vehicles, rental vehicles or fleet vehicles.
  2. Vehicle rental: Please use contracted vendors: Hertz, National, or Enterprise to ensure contracted pricing. For more information regarding the discount codes and rates, please see UW-Madison's Accounting Services site.
  3. Personal vehicle (automobile) mileage rates (Effective 1/1/19):
    $0.58 per mile for round-trip under 300 miles.
    $0.375 per mile for round-trip over 300 miles.
  4. Fleet Vehicle: The UW prefers that employees try to reserve fleet vehicles before using their personal vehicles for travel. If you are a new employee or have never driven a fleet vehicle, you will need to be authorized to drive by the Office of Risk Management. Please refer to the Risk Management website regarding driver authorization guidelines and forms.
  5. You must be an authorized driver in order to reserve a vehicle, so advance planning is advisable. Please allow for at least 10 days in advance of travel date to allow Risk Management time to process approval for fleet vehicles.
  6. All gasoline, charges for repairs, tow service, locksmith services, jump starts, lubrication, etc., are paid for by the UW using the fleet card.  Please ask the Motor Pool Personnel for details.

**If you wish to make a fleet vehicle reservation, please contact Jennifer Gardner.

Motor Pool Office (Reservations):
27 North Charter Street Room 110
Madison, WI 53715

Office Hours: 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM Monday - Friday
Web:            www.physicalplant.wisc.edu then click 'Fleet' link
Phone:          (608) 262-1307
Fax:              (608) 265-5948
E-mail:          fleet@fpm.wisc.edu
Toll Free:      888-777-7181


There are a number of policies related to purchasing and the list below is not all inclusive. For a complete list of the policies, please see UW-Madison's Purchasing Services site.

  • Any purchase over $5000 requires UW Purchasing Services involvement; UW Purchasing Services should be contacted before the purchase occurs.
  • Any purchase that involves a signed contract or agreement requires UW Purchasing Services involvement.
  • If available, allowable office-related and work-related items should be purchased through MDS and/or DoIT Techstore. Please contact Adam Bushcott (Main Office Manager, adam.bushcott@wisc.edu) if you have questions.
  • Printing over $49.99 must use Digital Printing & Publishing Services (DP&PS).

For more information regarding how to purchase goods and services, please see this flow chart.


To request additional FISC funds prior to spending, please fill out the Request for Additional FISC Budget form and submit to Associate Dean Susannah Tahk, with a copy to accounting office for approval.

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