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General HR Information

All general human resources information can be found at the UW Office of Human Resources website.

Bethany Pluymers is the Law School Human Resources Director, and Justin Boehm is the Law School's Human Resources Manager.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bethany at bethany.pluymers@wisc.edu or at 608-265-7981 or Justin at justin.boehm@wisc.edu or 608-890-4466.

Policies and Procedures


If you have questions or concerns about your benefits you may contact:


Kelly Hallmark is the Law School Payroll and Benefits Specialist. You may contact her at kelly.hallmark@wisc.edu or 608-262-3138, or in Room 5106 .

Earnings statements are now all online

To access your earnings statement online:

  1. Log on to My UW-Madison portal with your NetID and password. If you have not previously used the portal, click Activate your NetID to gain access.
  2. Click the Work Record tab.
  3. Click on the earnings statement you would like to view. Statements are available online wherever you have internet access to my.wisc.edu.

If you are a new employee, need to change your tax or direct deposit information, please go here to fill out a W-4 and/or Direct Deposit Form and return the completed forms to Kelly Hallmark in 5106.

Hiring Project Assistants/Students

If you wish to hire a Project Assistant or student, before hiring them you will need to submit an
Authorization to Hire a Student Form (PDF) to Kelly Hallmark in Room 5106 of the Law School.

This form will inform the Law School Payroll/Human Resources Office who will be hired, how much they should be paid, the term of their appointment and the funding source. If you need more information, i.e. the difference between a PA and a student hire, the information below is also located on the back of the form.

What do I need to complete BEFORE hiring ANY student?

  • A completed Authorization to Hire a Student Form (PDF), and a copy of your Grad School award letter if applicable, submitted to the Payroll Mailbox at least one week BEFORE the student begins to work.
  • The form needs to be filled out completely so that Kelly Hallmark and Justin Boehm in the Law School Payroll/HR Office can complete the information below BEFORE the student begins to work.
  • W-4, Self-Identification, and Direct Deposit forms need to be completed by the student and turned into the Law School Payroll/HR Office BEFORE the student begins to work.

What does our Payroll/HR Office need to complete BEFORE ANY student can begin to work?

  • I-9 documentation needs to be completed within the first three days of hiring or employment will be terminated (this includes the student bringing in documentation to the Payroll/HR Office.)

  • Employment (for PAs only) is contingent upon a completed and clear Criminal Background Check. This must be completed BEFORE the student begins to work.

What is the difference between Project Assistant (PA) Percentage Appointment, Project Assistant (PA) Hourly, and Student Hourly?

PA Percentage/Hourly Appointment

  • These PAs perform high level research and require special knowledge or expertise
  • Can only be filled by law or graduate students
  • When you hire a PA at 33% time or more, they will receive tuition remission, which you will be charged for. ***Be aware that if your PA has any concurrent PA appointments, and the total of their appointments is 33% or greater, you will be responsible for the prorated amount of tuition remission. Therefore you should ask your PA before hiring. Please alert the Law School Payroll/HR Office and we will confirm any concurrent appointments.
  • Are eligible for health care benefits if hired for a semester or more. This cost is also funded by the entity hiring the PA (i.e. Grant, Professorship, Law School or Grad School funds)
  • A 33% PA would work 258 hours within a semester (academic appointment) or 344 hours (annual appointment) over six months
  • Academic appointments will earn sick leave & annual appointments > six months, will earn sick leave and vacation
  • 20 hours/week maximum for International Students due to VISA terms and conditions
  • Pay Rate is $26.29/hour (academic year/semester employment) or $24.10/hour (annual year employment, six months or greater)

PA Hourly

  • These PAs perform research and require special knowledge or expertise
  • Can only be filled by law or graduate students
  • Can only work a maximum of 13 hours/week (which includes any concurrent PA positions)

Student Hourly

  • Pay range of $10/hour or greater…you set the rate
  • Student hourly employees are limited to a maximum of 29 hours/week (20 hours/week maximum for international students due to VISA guidelines)

Manager Time Approvals for All Project Assistant and Student Hires

What if I need help or have questions in hiring a PA or Student Hourly?

Please contact the Law School's Payroll/HR Office:

We can post a job opening for you if need assistance in finding a qualified student.

Hire University Staff, Academic Staff or Terminal Employees

If you are a supervisor/department head that would like to hire a new university staff, academic staff or TE, you will need to fill out a Law School Position Approval Form (Word Doc) and return to Justin Boehm, Human Resources Manager in Room 5109.

This will ensure the Law School Business Office and the Associate Deans that hiring policy and procedures are being followed. If you have any questions you can contact Justin at justin.boehm@wisc.edu or 608-890-4466.

Performance Evaluations

The Law School is dedicated to hiring and maintaining an effective workforce by engaging and developing our employees. The Performance Management and Professional Development online system supports this mission by keeping both the supervisor and the employee engaged in the department/employee's work and goals.

Performance management is an ongoing process where supervisors and employees work together to plan, monitor, and review an employee's work objectives, goals, and professional development. A key element of performance management is communication between a supervisor and an employee throughout the year. Part of the performance management process includes frequent informal conversations. These include coaching and feedback discussions related to the duties and expectations of the employee's position.

UW Madison has created a Performance Management Policy (PDF), stating that all staff should be evaluated every six months, completing either a Midpoint Conversation, or a Summary Evaluation. All new employees will also be a part of a 30-day conversation, a probationary midpoint conversation and a probation summary evaluation.

To capture the performance evaluation requirements set forth in the UW Madison Performance Management Policy, the Law School will use the Performance Management and Professional Development online system found here: https://pmdp.hr.wisc.edu/ or on MyUW.

Job Aides for each performance evaluation can be found online through the system, or here: https://tre.ohr.wisc.edu/

**Justin Boehm, Human Resources Manager is meeting individually with supervisors and employees to show the online system. Please set up a meeting time with him to train you and/or your staff.

Once a performance evaluation is completed, an email with the completed evaluation will go to Justin Boehm, Human Resources Manager in Room 5109, and he will add it to the employee's personnel file.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Justin at justin.boehm@wisc.edu or 608-890-4466, or Bethany Pluymers, Associate Dean for Administration at bethany.pluymers@wisc.edu or 608-265-7981.

Professional Development/Training Opportunities/Requirements

The UW offers many different trainings on topics such as Aspiring Supervisors, Benefits, Environment, Health & Safety, Academic Leadership, etc. Benefits 101 is a mandatory training all new employees must receive within their first 30 days of employment.

These training opportunities are absolutely free to UW employees.

Gaining Access to Information Technology (IT) Systems

There are many different types of IT systems used in UW business. HRS is the new human resources/payroll system for all employees, WISDM can show your professorship and department expenditures, and WISPER is used to process grant proposals (just to name a few).

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