University of Wisconsin–Madison

Building Safety

Occupant Emergency Plan

Evacuating the Building

During an emergency evacuation, everyone must move 100 feet away from the building. Depending upon your exit, this is where 100 feet away would be:

  • On the Bascom Hill side, the middle of Bascom Hill.
  • On the Lathrop Drive/Plaza side, the other side of Lathrop Drive (here it is especially important so that the fire trucks can come up the driveway).
  • On the Music Hall side, past the back driveway/parking area for Music Hall (again, especially important since the fire hydrants are right there).
  • On the South Hall side, the sidewalk just outside South Hall (the top of the grassy hill).

If you are disabled or temporarily disabled, please learn where the Areas of Rescue Assistance are located, if you are not on a ground-level floor. They can be found in two stairwells:

  • In the Southeast Glass Stairwell off the Atrium on Levels 3, 4 and 5.
  • In the Northeast Glass Stairwell in the Law Library on Levels 1 through 6.

First Aid

  • Automated external defibrillator are available, in the event of a cardiac arrest. One is located in the atrium by the south main doors, and one is outside Room 5110 (Main Office).
  • First aid kits can be found at 5110 (Main Office), Room 7110 (Faculty Secretary's Office), and the Law Library Circulation Desk.


Please contact the facilities manager:

CJ Ullrich
Room 5344 (in the Law Library)

Or the backup facilities manager:

Vicky Coulter
Room 5346
(in the Law Library)

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