The Pro Bono Society was formed in September 2011 to recognize the outstanding efforts of law students engaged in pro bono during their tenure at UW Law School. Students will be recognized upon meeting the following benchmarks:

Students who meet these benchmarks will be inducted into the Pro Bono Society and graduate with pro bono distinction.


Each student seeking membership into the Pro Bono Society must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Project Requirements
    • Law-related: You must perform pro bono work that is related to the law.
    • Uncompensated: You must work in a volunteer capacity and may not receive any compensation, including stipends.
    • No Academic Credit: Your work cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of a clinic or a directed study project, or to otherwise obtain academic credit.
    • Supervision/Training: You must be trained and supervised by an attorney.
    • Eligible Clients: Your pro bono work must serve: People of limited financial means, or charitable or not-for-profit organization in matter which are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited financial means. 
  2. Canvas Training Course
    • Students are required to complete the Pro Bono Program's Canvas training course BEFORE any pro bono work will be credited towards Pro Bono Society hours.
  3. Logging Time
    • Students log pro bono hours in Symplicity under My Account > Pro Bono
    • Students may log time in daily or weekly increments.
    • Travel: No travel hours will be credited towards Pro Bono Society hours.

Students are encouraged to request individual advising sessions with the Pro Bono Coordinator, Lindsay Slaker ( to identify and apply for projects tailored to their interests and to become eligible for recognition for their service. 

* For J.D./S.J.D. Students

The Pro Bono Program has two levels of recognition for the Pro Bono Society: one at 50 hours+ and one at 100 hours+ of pro bono service. The Commencement Program, the Honors and Awards Program, and the Pro Bono Society certificate will denote which level you have attained. Additionally, you will receive one purple honors cord at 50 hours or one purple and gold honors cord at 100 hours.

We have two levels of recognition in order to encourage students to continue submitting their time once they reach 50 hours and to recognize their substantial contributions to pro bono service. If you have any questions please contact the Pro Bono Program Coordinator.

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