For Students

Who May Participate

Any law student currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Law School may participate in the Pro Bono Program.  Interested law students may apply to any pro bono project approved by the Pro Bono Program.  Students who document their hours and meet other requirements will become eligible for induction into the Pro Bono Society.

Student Obligations 

Students are responsible for reporting any pro bono hours they wish to have counted for recognition from the Pro Bono Program.  The Pro Bono Program may verify student hours with project supervisors once they are recorded. 

Students who commit to a pro bono project must complete the assigned project unless they are released with the express permission of both the Pro Bono Program Director and the Project Supervisor.  Any student who, after accepting an assignment from a pro bono host organization, does not complete the assignment may be suspended from future participation in the Pro Bono Program.

Pro Bono Advising

Students are encouraged to request individual advising sessions with Pro Bono Program staff to identify and apply for projects tailored to their interests and to become eligible for recognition for their service.  However, these sessions are not prerequisites to pro bono participation.

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