Summer 2016 Proctored Exams Schedule

(as of 7/29/16)

Proctored Exam Schedule Summer 2016
Note:  just one proctored exam

Main Office, Rm. 5110 is open Monday - Friday, 7:45 am to 4:30 pm.  Main Office is NOT open on weekends during the summer.

August 18, (Thursday) at 6:00 pm in Rm. 2260
940-001  L&CP: Evidence (Moeser, M.) (63 students) exam is: Thursday, August 18 at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Rm. 2260.  It is 3 hrs. closed book w. limits, Laptop: Closed Mode (allowed provided handouts of "Rules of Evidence" and Wis. Statutes Chapter 905).  However, students who don't want to use their laptop, may write their exam answers in the provided blue books. If you write in a bluebook, you will NOT be allowed to also use your laptop during the exam.
    If you are using your laptop for this exam, be sure to download the Exam4software for Summer 2016 exams and test it out well before the exam date.
Go to the following web-site and follow all directions.
(Note: This website is ready for Summer laptop exams)

EXAM SCHEDULE CONFLICT? Fill out the form "Petition to Reschedule an Exam."  For Summer 2016, there is only one proctored exam (L&CP: Evidence) so the due date will be July 29, 2016 for the form.  Copies are on the outside door of Rm. 5110A or you can fill it out on the Law School website at: It must be approved by Mike Hall, Director of Student Life , Rm. 5101 or place it in his mailbox. If approved, Mike will have Jane Ford Bennett email you as to the date, time and place for your rescheduled exam(s). 

EMERGENCIES and/or PERSONAL PROBLEMS DURING EXAMS: If you have an emergency that prevents you from taking an examination, or a personal problem (illness before or during the exam, inability to return a take-home exam on time, etc.) you must contact MIKE HALL immediately (608) 890-0115 (office) or (608) 215-7134 (cell) and leave a detailed message. DO NOT CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR. DO NOT try to solve the problem by writing a note on your exam. NEVER delay until you receive your grade.

PASS/FAIL OPTION CHOICES FOR SUMMER 2016: For 2Ls and 3Ls only.  You may only choose a course as your pass/fail option choice only two times during your entire law school career. (Note: Visiting Law students are not allowed the pass/fail option choice)  For Summer 2016, there are two courses that are available as a pass/fail option and they have the same due date:  Wednesday, August 17 by 11:59 pm. 
 850-001  Professional Responsibilities (McDermott,M.) pass/fail due Wednesday, August 17 by 11:59 pm. 
940-003 L&CP: Evidence (Moeser, M.) pass/fail due Wednesday, August 17 by 11:59 pm. 

PASS/FAIL OPTION LINK FOR SUMMER 2016 is on the Law School's website at: 

     After you log-in using your Net ID and Password, the site will show available pass/fail option course(s) you are enrolled in. Follow all directions and, for full information on the operation of the Pass/Fail Option, please see the online Law School Rule 2.03 and Read This First, section 9.3 for more information.
      Jane Ford Bennett sent an important email on 7/2016 to all students in Professional Responsibilities and in Evidence with the Subject Line: Summer 2016 Pass/Fail Option Choice Due 8/17/16 by 11:59 pm - website link now available (be sure to read this email and save it for future reference).

Exam Numbers:
(Law, LLMI's, Visiting Law & Law Exchange students) Make sure you have your correct exam number. Go to Enter your user name and password. Or, go to the Main Office, Rm. 5110, Mon-Fri. 7:45 am to 4:30 pm. (you'll need your Student ID#/card).  If no one is in the Main Office, see Jane Ford Bennett in Rm. 5110A.  Only Non-Law Graduate students from another Dept. taking a Law course should use their 10 digit student ID# as their exam number) 

GRADES: Summer grades are due September 16.  Beginning _____, 2016 a list of the Summer courses in alpha order by the name of the course indicating the date grades were sent electronically to the UW Registrar will be on the Law School's website below:

(right now Spring 2016 courses show)

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