Spring 2015 Proctored Exam Schedule

(as of 5/1/15/)

Proctored Exam Schedule Spring 2015

Note: Exams start at 9:00 AM (unless otherwise noted)
(exam period May 2- May 15)

Students: LAW EXAM SCHEDULE CONFLICT?  Fill out the form "Petition to Reschedule an Exam."  For Spring 2015 they are due by Monday, April 13, 2015 by Noon.  Copies are on the outside door of Rm. 5110A or you can fill it out on the Law School website at: http://law.wisc.edu/current/forms.htm   It must be approved by Mike Hall, Director of Student Life, and submitted to him in Rm. 5101 or placed in his mailbox.  Mike Hall will review your petition, notify you and return a decision as soon as possible.  If approved, Mike will later have Jane Ford Bennett email you as to the date, time and place for your rescheduled exam(s).

****  One Early Exam:   Sunday, March 8, 2015:
Select Topics-Estate Planning: Trusts & Estates I (Erlanger, H.) at 10:00 am in Room 2260 
(students should be in Rm. 2260 by 9:30 am so proctors can look at your notes and statutes)

 May 2 (Saturday) at 9:00 am           (Main Office, Rm. 5110 open 8:15am - 3:30 pm)
935 001 Health Law (Coyne, S.)  Rm. 5229 and  (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
602 001 Legal Sources (Chang, N.)  Rm. 3247
715 001 Torts (Charo, R.)   Rm. 5246 (A-L) Rm. 5240 (M-Z)  and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
715 002 Torts (Barkan, S.)  Rm. 2260 (A-O), Rm. 3250 (P-Z)

May 3 (Sunday) at 9:00 am             (Main Office, Rm. 5110 open 8:15am - 3:30 pm)
744 001 Administrative Law (Ohnesorge, J.) Rm. 3250
736 001 Secured Transactions (Cohen, A.)  Rm. 5229  and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)

May 4  (Monday) at 9:00 am
601-001 Intro to American Law (Bowen, J. & Jones, D.)  Rm. 3260
824 001 Federal Jurisdiction (Yablon, R.) 8 Hr. Take-home exam for Monday, May 4 only -- (see Take-Home exam schedule for complete details)
**940 001 L&CP: Legislation & Regulation (Desai, A.)   8 Hr. Take-home exam for Monday, May 4, 2015 only -- (see Take-Home exam schedule for complete details)
** 928 001 SP Land Law: Real Estate Process (Johnson, M.) 7 Law students (exam May 4 in class at 4:00 pm at  Grainger, meets with Real Estate 706 (not a Law School Exam)

May 5   (Tuesday) at 9:00 am
820 001 Conflict of Laws (Monette, R.) Rm. 3260
822 001 Family Law: Marriage & Divorce (Weston, C.)  Rm. 3250 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
735 001 Payments Systems  (Cohen, A.)  Rm. 3253 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
850 002 Professional Responsibilities (Pierce, T.)  Rm. 2260
**940 002 L&CP: Energy Law (Seifter, M.) not a proctored exam.   This is a  take-home exam for May 5 only  -- (see Take-Home exam schedule for complete details)

May 6 (Wednesday) at 9:00 am
725 001 Intro to Criminal Procedure (Kempinen, B.) Rm. 3250 (A-M), Rm. 3253 (N-Z)
725 002 Intro to Criminal Procedure (LaVigne, M.)  Rm. 2260 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 3261)

May 7  (Thursday) at 9:00 am
828 001 International Business Transactions (Yackee, J.) Rm. 5246
742 001 Taxation I (Schnur, R.)  Rm. 3250 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 3261)
**870 001 International Tax (Misey, R.) - exam May 7 (Thursday) at 5:30 pm during class in Grainger, meets with Accounting 725 (not a Law School Exam)

May 8  (Friday) at 9:00 am
731 001 Constitutional Law I (Althouse, A.) Rm. 3250
**731 002 Constitutional Law I (Schwartz, D.) - (24 hr. take-home exam for May 8 only - see Take-home exam schedule for complete details)
**765 001 Equal Employment Law (Leachman, G.) - (8 hr. take-home exam for May 8 only - see Take-home exam schedule for complete details)

May 9  (Saturday) at 9:00 am        (Main Office, Rm. 5110 open 8:15am - 3:30 pm)
817 001 Business Organizations I (Davis, K.)  Rm. 2260 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
740 002 Constitutional Law II (Althouse, A.)  Rm. 3253
771 003 Estate & Gift Tax (Barden, C.)  Rm. 3260
840 001 Taxation II (Schnur, R.)  Rm. 3250 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)

May 10 (Sunday) at 9:00 am           (Main Office, Rm. 5110 open 8:15am - 2:30 pm)
817 002 Business Organizations I (Alexander, L.)  Rm. 2260 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
741 001 Business Organizations II (Davis, K.)  Rm. 3260 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5229)
850 001 Professional Responsibilities (Mansfield, M.)  Rm. 3250 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)

May 11  (Monday) at 9:00 am
821 001 Bankruptcy (McDermott, M.) Rm. 5229 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
827 001 International Law (Huneeus, A.)  Rm. 3250 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
850 003 Professional Responsibilities (Schweitzer, N.)  Rm. 5240
838 001 Real Estate Transactions II (Richards, D. and Shumow, J.) Rm. 3260

May 12  (Tuesday) at 9:00 am
802 001 Civil Procedure II (Greene, L.)  Rm. 2260
802 002 Civil Procedure II (Weston, C.)  Rm. 3250

May 13 (Wednesday) at 9:00 am
801 001 Evidence (Meyer, S.)  Rm. 2260
988 001 SP Environmental Law: Natural Resources Law (Tai, S.)  Rm. 3253

May 14  (Thursday) at 9:00 am
954 001 Corporate Finance Law (Trumbull, P.) Rm. 5240 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 3260)
724 001 Property (Mitchell, T.)  Rm. 2260 and (LLM-LI's in Rm. 5223)
724 002 Property (Klug, H.) Rm. 3250 (A-J), Rm. 5229 (K-R), Rm. 3253 (S-Z), (LLM-LI's in Rm. 3260)

May 15  (Friday) at 9:00 am
   currently there are no proctored exams scheduled for May 15 as of 4/23/15

EMERGENCIES and/or PERSONAL PROBLEMS DURING EXAMS: If you have an emergency that prevents you from taking an examination, or a personal problem (illness before or during the exam, inability to return a take-home exam on time, etc.) you must call or text MIKE HALL immediately ((608) 890-0115 (office) or (608) 215-7134 (cell)).  Please leave a detailed message. DO NOT CONTACT THE INSTRUCTOR. DO NOT try to solve the problem by writing a note on your exam. NEVER delay until you receive your grade. 

Exam Numbers: (Law, LLM-LI's, Visiting Law & Law Exchange students) Make sure you have your correct exam number. Go to http://law.wisc.edu/help/my.php Enter your user name and password. Or, go to the Main Office, Rm. 5110, Monday-Friday, 7:45 am to 4:30 pm (you'll need your Student ID card). If no one is in the Main Office, see Jane Ford Bennett, Rm 5110A. Only Non-Law students from another Dept. taking a Law course should use their 10 digit student ID# as their exam number.    

PASS/FAIL OPTION CHOICES FOR Spring 2015: For 2Ls and 3Ls only.  You may choose a Law course as your pass/fail option choice only two times during your entire law school career. (Visiting Law students are not allowed the pass/fail option choice)
     Note: One Early Exception: Deadline -- March 5, 2015 by 11:59 pm if you choose 771-001 Select Topics-Estate Planning (Prof. Erlanger’s) Trusts & Estates I as a pass/fail option choice (because last class for this course is March 5)
    The deadline for all other Pass/Fail Option courses is APRIL 29, 2015 by 11:59 PM.  To choose the Pass/Fail Option for one (or two) of your Spring 2015 courses, go to the Law School website.  The link is at https://secure.law.wisc.edu/grades/pf/
After you log-in using your Net ID and Password, the site will show only your current courses for Spring 2015 that are eligible for the Pass/Fail Option. Follow all directions and, for full information on the operation of the Pass/Fail Option, please see the online Law School Rule 2.03 and Read This First, section 9.3 for more information.
     To be eligible to use the Pass/Fail Option choice, you must have earned 25 or more Law School credits prior to this semester, and have used less than 2 Pass/Fail Options during your Law School career.
     Note: Taking advantage of the Pass/Fail Option may affect your eligibility for Dean’s List and for Order of the Coif.

GRADES: Spring 2015 Grades are due June 12, 2015.  Starting in early ___ a list of the Spring 2015 courses in alpha order by the name of the course indicating the date grades were sent electronically to the UW Registrar will be on the Law School's website below:



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