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Current Exam4 Software Version - Spring 2022 Finals

The Exam4 software is now available for Spring 2022 final exams as of April 13.

You must download an updated version of the Exam4 software every semester for each exam periodIf you have midterms that use the Exam4 software, you will need to download it twice per semester: once for midterms and once for final exams. The Law School will notify students via email when the updated software is ready for download each semester for midterms and again for final exams.

NEW! Take-Home Exam Changes - Spring 2022

Beginning in the Spring 2022 term, you must use the Exam4 software (instead of any word processor) to prepare and submit your take-home exams. Review the Take-Home Exam Instructions and Exam4 Software Instructions pages for more information.

Last updated: 04/13/2022

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Rescheduling exams due to schedule conflicts

You must take your examinations at the scheduled times and in the format specified on the Exam Schedule, unless there are "extraordinary and compelling circumstances" or if the Law School Rules specifically provide for rescheduling.

The deadline to petition to reschedule an exam pursuant to Law School Rule 6.03 for the Spring 2022 semester is Friday, April 1 at 4:00 PM. After this deadline, Dean Kite may only accept requests to reschedule exams based on emergencies or circumstances not known before the deadline (see Emergency Procedures below). 

To petition to reschedule an exam, fill out the "Petition to Reschedule an Exam" form available on the Law School's Forms page and email it to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Emily Kite at emily.kite@wisc.edu.

Dean Kite will review your petition, email you any follow-up inquiries, and return a decision after the deadline. If approved, Dean Kite will email you the date, time and place for your rescheduled exam(s). In almost all circumstances, exams will be rescheduled for a date very soon after the scheduled date. Exams are not rescheduled for earlier dates.

Do NOT contact instructors regarding rescheduling final exams - Dean Kite handles all exam rescheduling. Instructors cannot approve final exam reschedules.

emergencies during the exam period

Inclement Weather

Exams will proceed as scheduled in the event of inclement weather, unless the Chancellor emails that campus is closed. Take-home exams will proceed even if campus closes, as they are remote; only proctored exams will be rescheduled if campus closes. Campus closures are rare, so please give yourself plenty of time to travel to the Law School for your proctored exams, as you will NOT receive additional time if you arrive to an exam late.

technical issues during the exam period

Review the Procedures for Technical Issues on the Exam4 Software Instructions page. 


If you plan to request exam accommodations for final exams and have not yet done so, please make that request via McBurney Connect as soon as possible, and no later than Spring Break. The Law School must receive your Faculty Notification Letters by April 11 to provide accommodations for final exams, so you should initiate the process with McBurney no later than Spring Break, as it can take several weeks to complete the accommodations process.

We will notify students when information about your final exam accommodations is available, which will be near the end of the term. If you would like to discuss the accommodations process, please make an appointment with Dean Kite.

Law School Rules 

Chapter 6 of the Law School Rules governs exams. Review Chapter 7 of the Student Handbook for more information. 

Academic Misconduct

You may only access materials authorized by your instructors during your exams pursuant to Law School Rule 6.06.

Exams are graded blindly. You should NEVER include any personally-identifying information (e.g., your name) on your exams, other than your exam number pursuant to Law School Rule 6.10

You may NOT collaborate with anyone on your exams pursuant to Law School Rule 6.11.

You may NOT claim credit for the work or efforts of others without authorization or citation, use unauthorized materials, or otherwise commit acts constituting academic misconduct as defined in the University of Wisconsin Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures, UWS 14.

Students may take exams at a different time or date, so you may NOT discuss the content of your exams with other students unless you have firsthand knowledge that the other student has already taken the exam(s) and you know your discussion cannot be overheard by, or transmitted to, students who may not have taken the exam(s). 

decorum in the Law building during the exam period

Out of courtesy to your fellow students, please refrain from talking or lingering in the hallways during the exam period, as exams are ongoing throughout the day. Even discussions in the Atrium can carry into exam rooms, so please do your best to socialize outside of the Law building during the exam period to avoid disturbing exam-takers. 

Final Grades

For information about final grades, including information about the pass/fail option, view the Law School Grades Info page.

Exam review

After your grade has been posted for a course, you may reach out to the course instructor directly (or follow any alternative instructions you received from your instructor) to review your exam answers and receive feedback. You may NOT contact your instructor about the exam during or after the exam until your final grade is posted.  

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