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take-home exam Procedures


If a health, family, personal, or other type of emergency arises that prevents you from taking or completing an exam, you should follow the emergency procedures on the Exam Info page.

procedures for TechNology issues during take-home exams

The following are resources for various technical problems that may arise during your take-home exam. Please consider that staff will not always be available outside of normal business hours, so you may want to factor that into your exam timing. And remember, taking a practice exam is the best way to troubleshoot before your exam starts!

TAKE-HOME EXAM availability

Take-home exams are administered online through the Exam4 website (the Exam4 software is NOT used for take-home exams). Take-home exams are either date-specific or may be taken anytime during the exam period. 

It is important to plan your take-home exam start time accordingly so that you have your full time. For example, if you have an 8-hour specific-date take-home exam, and you start it at 6 p.m., it will still be due at 11:59 p.m., even though you have not used the full 8 hours. The same is true for anytime take-home exams - the final deadline to submit is 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the exam period, so be sure to start early enough to get your full time. 

All times are listed in Central Time.

Take-home exam instructions

  1. Get your exam answer document ready in your preferred word processor. 
    1. Create a new, blank document using your preferred word processor, as long as it can save in one of the following formats: doc; docx; pdf; rtf; odt.
    2. Save your document in a place easy to find so you can locate your response quickly to upload it before time expires.
    3. Name your document with your exam number followed by the instructor’s last name. 
    4. Unless your professor provides other instructions, your document should have one-inch margins, be double-spaced, and use 12-point font.
    5. At the top of the first page of your exam answer document, write your exam number (NOT your name), your professor's name, and the course title.
  2. Download the exam itself from the Exam4 website.
    1. Go to the Exam4 webpage: 
    2. Select "Law Schools" from the left menu.
    3. Select "University of Wisconsin Law School" from the list.
    4. Select the exam you wish to start from the list of available take-home exams in the right blue box. (NOTE: you should NOT download or use the Exam4 software for take-home exams. The Exam4 software is traditionally used for in-person proctored exams, but you should NOT use the software for take-home exams.)
    5. Enter your exam number in the "Examinee ID" box.
    6. When you are ready, click "Start Exam." The clock has now officially started!
    7. Review the “Exam Question & Instructions” box carefully. The exam itself is under this box as a pdf file attachment, which you must download.
    8. Make careful note of the deadline to submit your exam answer - you will find your deadline on the right under "Due Date."
    9. On the right, you should see a large heading that says, "Submit Your Answer." This is where you will upload your completed exam answer when the time comes. If you see this heading, you may close this window and proceed to the next step.
    10. You do NOT need to stay logged-in to the Exam4 webpage, but you will need to return to it and log back in (by followings steps 2a. through 2e., above) to submit your completed exam answer, re-read the "Exam Question & Instructions" box, re-download the exam itself, and/or confirm your submission deadline.
  3. Prepare your exam answer document in your preferred word processor.
    1. Answer the exam question(s) in the document you prepared under Step 1. 
    2. Save your document often to avoid losing data.
    3. When you are done, save it one more time to ensure you are uploading the final version of the document. 
  4. Submit your exam answer by uploading your exam answer document to the Exam4 website.
    1. Log back in to the Exam4 webpage by following steps 2a. through 2e., above. 
    2. Under the"Submit Your Answer" heading, click browse to locate your exam answer document on your computer. Click "Submit Answer."
    3. A pop up window will appear. Verify that the information is correct that you are uploading the correct document. If everything looks accurate, click "Submit Answer." 
    4. You should see a “Submission received” indication. You may want to take a screenshot, print this page, or save it as a PDF. 
    5. Once you have submitted your exam, you will not be permitted to make any changes to the document, even if time is still remaining.

Practice Take-Home Exam

To take a practice take-home exam, follow the instructions above. When you get to Step 2d., select "Practice Take-home Exam" on the Exam4 website. The exam itself is an essay question. 

Exam Numbers

Law Students

For Law, LLM-LI's, Visiting Law & Law Exchange students, log into "My Student Info" with your NetID and password to retreive your exam number.

Non-Law Students

For non-Law students from another department taking a Law school course, use your 10 digit student ID# as your exam number.

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