Exam Updates

Current Exam4 Software Version - Spring 2024 Final Exams

The Exam4 software is available for Spring 2024 Final Exams as of April 3, 2024. 

You must download an updated version of the Exam4 software every semester for each exam periodIf you have midterms that use the Exam4 software, you will need to download it twice per semester: once for midterms and once for final exams. The Law School will notify students via email when the updated software is ready for download each semester for midterms and again for final exams.

Reschedule Deadline for Spring 2024 Final Exams - March 22

Final exams can only be rescheduled in accordance with Law School Rule 6.03. To petition to reschedule a final exam, follow the instructions to "Reschedule Exams Due to Schedule Conflicts" by March 22. 

Accommodation Notification Deadline for Spring 2024 Final Exams - March 22

In order to guarantee accommodations for final exams, the Law School must receive your Student Accommodation Letters via McBurney Connect by March 22. After that date, accommodations cannot be guaranteed, as the Law School might not have sufficient time for preparation. 

Reminder! Take-Home Exam Changes

As of the Spring 2022 term, you must use the Exam4 software (instead of any word processor) to prepare and submit your take-home exams. Review the Take-Home Exam Instructions and Exam4 Software Instructions pages for more information.

Last updated: 4/3/2024

Proctored exam timing

Proctored exams are administered in-person at the Law School and promptly begin on the scheduled date at 10:00 a.m. (Central Time), unless otherwise indicated on the Exam Schedule. We suggest planning to arrive to your exam room at least 15 minutes before your exam begins.

Your instructor determines the exam duration, which is indicated on the Exam Schedule

Rules for proctored exams

Electronic Devices

You may bring one laptop computer running the Exam4 software into the exam room. All other electronic devices are prohibited and must be turned off and inaccessible throughout the exam, including:

  • headphones,
  • cell phones,
  • tablets,
  • smart watches,
  • additional monitors,* and
  • computers other than the testing computer.

*Your testing computer may only have a single monitor; multiple monitors are NOT allowed.

Be sure to turn off any alarms on your phone, watch, computer, etc.


For noise abatement, you may bring your own non-electronic earplugs, if desired. 

Restroom Breaks

You may leave the exam room to use the restroom or take a short break, but you may NOT remove any papers, books, or electronic devices from the exam room and you may NOT return with any.

You may NOT discuss the exam with others during any breaks.

Eating & Drinking in the Exam Room

You may eat and drink in the exam room, as long as you do so quietly and without disturbing other exam takers. 

Hardcopy Materials

Your instructor decides how much access you'll have to hardcopy materials during the exam. The Exam Schedule will indicate whether hardcopy materials are allowed by using the following terms*: 

  • Open book: any & all hardcopy materials may be accessed during the exam
  • Open book with restrictions: some - but not all - hardcopy materials may be accessed during the exam (e.g., your instructor may allow you to access your textbook and notes, but no other materials)
  • Closed book: no hardcopy materials may be accessed during the exam

*Note that these terms are different from the Exam4 Modes, which determine how much access you'll have to electronic materials during the exam. 

Exam Materials & Leaving the Exam Room

After finishing your exam, but before leaving the exam room, you must: 

  1. Submit your exam electronically via Exam4, or turn in your bluebook if you handwrote your exam.
  2. Return all exam materials, including the exam itself and any scratch paper, to the proctor. 
  3. Sign the exam roster.

Handwritten Exam Option

If your final exam does NOT include any objective questions (e.g., multiple-choice or true/false questions), you may opt to handwrite your exam using bluebooks provided by the Law School, instead of using the Exam4 software. However, if your final exam includes objective questions, you will be required to use the Exam4 software, so that you can submit your answers using the Exam4 Multiple-Choice feature.

The Exam Schedule will indicate whether you'll be required to use the Exam4 Multiple-Choice feature. Again, you will NOT be able to handwrite your exam if you are required to use the Exam4 Multiple-Choice feature for a particular exam. 

We do not recommend handwriting your exam, as handwritten exams can be more difficult for instructors to grade. Additionally, handwriting your exam may put you at a disadvantage if it's an Exam4 "open-mode" exam. This is because your classmates using the Exam4 software will be able to access electronic materials on their computers, but you will not be able to do so, because only computers running the Exam4 software may be used during the exam.

Proctored exam instructions

Before Exam Day

  1. Review the Exam4 Software Instructions page carefully. 
  2. Watch the Exam4 "How-To" Videos to prepare for exams.
  3. Uninstall any previous versions of the Exam4 software installed on your computer. 
  4. Download the updated version of the Exam4 software, which you must do every semester after the Law School notifies students that the Exam4 software is ready for the current exam periodIf you have midterms that use the Exam4 software, you will need to download it twice per semester: once for midterms and once for final exams. 
  5. Take as many practice exams as necessary to get comfortable with the software, and familiarize yourself with all of the Exam4 features
  6. Familiarize yourself with the procedures for technical issues and personal emergencies, so that you know how to proceed in the event you encounter an issue before, during, or submitting your exam. 

On Exam Day

  1. Arrive to your exam room at least 15 minutes before your exam begins. Proctored exams begin at 10:00 a.m. (Central Time), unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Check-in with the proctor. Grab two pieces of scratch paper and the Exam4 instructions. Do NOT write on the Exam4 instructions, so we can reuse them.
  3. Put away any unauthorized hardcopy materials and electronic devices. Turn off your cell phone. Turn off any alarms on your phone, watch, computer, etc.
  4. Launch the Exam4 software and begin the appropriate exam in the Exam4 software.
  5. Stop when you get to the screen that says, "WAIT!" Verify that you've entered your exam number correctly and that you've selected the correct course. If you've made an error, click the "Back" button and make any corrections. The proctor will notify you when you can click "Begin Exam."
  6. The proctor will give you a copy of the exam. Keep the exam face down until you are instructed to turn it over. When instructed to turn it over, write your exam number on the cover page in the designated space
  7.  Type your essay responses in the Essay window. Answer any multiple-choice and/or true/false questions in the Multiple-Choice window
  8. Submit your exam electronically via the Exam4 software and exit the Exam4 software.  
  9. Remain seated and keep your voices down after the exam is over. 
  10. Follow the proctor's instructions for turning in your exam materials and signing the exam roster.
  11. Leave the exam room. Please do not linger or talk in the hallways after the exam, as other exams will be ongoing. Even discussions in the Atrium can carry into exam rooms, so please do your best to socialize outside of the Law building after the exam to avoid disturbing exam-takers. 

Practice proctored exam

Review the practice exam information on the Exam4 Instructions page. After doing so, follow the proctored exam instructions above. You should select the practice exam in the appropriate Exam4 mode as the "course."

As a reminder, the exam questions will NOT appear in the Exam4 software. For proctored exams, the exam questions will be distributed in hardcopy form in the exam room, so there is no practice exam question provided for proctored exam modes

Procedures for Technical Issues

The following are procedures for various technical problems that may arise. And remember, taking a practice exam is the best way to troubleshoot before your exam starts!

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