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Online Take-Home Exam Procedures

Instructions have not been finalized for Spring 2019.

General Directions

Preliminary note: students will need their Exam ID.  If you do not know your Exam ID, go to this webpage to retrieve it: Information about taking a "Practice Take-Home Exam" follows at the end.

Taking an online take-home exam:

  1. Go to the Exam4 webpage: 
  2. In the grey "Search" box, type: Madison and press “Go.”
  3. Click on “University of Wisconsin Law School.”
  4. Under “Available Take Home Exams” click on that take-home exam you wish to take at this time. (You may ignore any message about “Download Software": the online take-home exam function does not require Exam4 download, which is for secure proctored exams at the Law School.)
  5. Enter your "Examinee ID" (this is where you enter your Exam ID).
  6. The “Confirm Exam Start” page appears: click on “Start Exam.”
  7. In the “Exam Question & Instructions” box will be important information (although the exam question(s) don't actually appear in this box).
    • Note that time has started (your deadline to submit your completed exam appears under “Due Date” heading).
    • Make careful note of the deadline to submit your completed exam.
    • PLEASE READ all the information in the “Exam Question & Instructions” box.
    • The exam itself will appear under the box as a pdf file attachment which must be downloaded.
    • Download the pdf exam and open the document.
    • To begin your answer, create a new, separate document.  We recommend using the word processing program you are most familiar with, as long as it can save in one of the following: doc; docx; pdf; rtf; odt.   We suggest naming your exam answer document with your Exam ID followed by the instructor’s last name.
    • You do NOT need to stay logged-in to the Exam4 webpage, but you will need to return to it and log back in (again, using your Exam ID) in order to upload your completed exam.
    • Use 12-point font for your exam answer; put your Exam Number (not your name), Name of Professor and Course Name at the top of the first page of your exam answer.
    •  Save your work often.  (Again: we suggest naming your file with your Exam ID followed by instructor’s last name; your exam answer file should be saved as one of the following: doc; docx; pdf; rtf; odt).
  8. When you are done with your exam, return to the same Exam 4 webpage:  and log back in using steps 1-5 above –and then proceed down to the “Submit Your Answer” part of the web-page at the bottom.
  9. Use the "Browse” button to locate and select your completed exam answer file.
  10. Press “Submit Answer” and then verify that you are uploading the correct document.
  11. You should see a “Submission received” indication.

Finally, a few IMPORTANT things to remember:

  1. Should you have an emergency before or during your Take-Home Exam, contact Assistant Dean Emily Kite at: 608-890-0115 (office); on weekends/evenings, use cell phone: 608-405-2033
  2. If you are having trouble uploading/submitting your completed take-home exam and the deadline is approaching, you should e-mail your completed exam to Emily Kite at  This is so the Law School can verify you completed the exam on time. 
  3. Once you have submitted your exam, you will not be permitted to make any changes to the document, even if time is still remaining.
  4. If, during Exam Period business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:45 AM - 4:30 PM) you are having technology problems with your computer, you may call the Law School’s Help Desk at 608-262-5242 and seek assistance. After hours, you may contact the University of Wisconsin IT Office (DoIT).

To take a "Practice Take-Home Exam"

  • Follow all the steps above.
  • At step 4, under “Available Take-Home Exams” click on “S19m Practice Takehome.”
  • The "S19m Practice Takehome" is nominally an 8-hour take-home exam, but you will only need a few minutes to read it, create and save an answer document, and upload that answer document.
  • As there is no instructor's name to include in your answer document's file name, you can save your practice exam answer simply using your Exam ID and the word "practice."

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