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Going Global: The International Law Program at Wisconsin

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Courses offered in the past

Fall 2008 Seminar: Latin American Legal Institutions

Instructor: Helena Alviar Garcia, Visiting Tinker Professor

Fall 2006 Seminar: The Politics of Judicial Independence in Latin America


Guest Instructor: Javier Couso
Professor of Law and Politics, Diego Portales Law School, Santiago
Visiting Tinker Professor, UW Law School (2006)

Fall 2005: Constitutional Law: Comparative Constitution-building

Instructors: Heinz Klug, Professor of Law
Yash Ghai, Sir Y K Pao Chair in Public Law and Professor of Law, University of Hong Kong
Knowles Visiting Lecturer, UW Law School (2005)

From the post-colonial experience in Africa and Asia to more recent processes of constitutional change around the globe, questions of nation-building, democracy and constitution-making have dominated debates over these political transitions. Especially since the end of the cold war, extraordinary amounts of money have been spent on governance and legal reform. A central part of these reforms has been in the area of constitutional change with many countries adopting completely new constitutions or making major changes to their constitutional design. The question of constitution-building is also being raised at the international level with debate over the constitution of Europe and even discussion of a global constitutional framework involving the United Nations, World Trade Organization and other aspects of the international arena. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the issues that arise in processes of constitution-building. While the focus will be on developing nations ­ from Kenya and South Africa to Afghanistan and Iraq, the main aim of the course is to develop an understanding and evaluation of the different approaches that have been and are currently being adopted in constitution-building exercises. One of the main points of the course will be to link the process of constitution-building with problems of conflict resolution and democratization. This is an extraordinary opportunity to benefit from the experience of Professor Yash Ghai who has just spent over two years chairing the Kenya Constitutional Review Commission and who has been active in constitution-building for many years in countries in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. The course will be co-taught by Professor Yash Ghai and Professor Heinz Klug.

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