18.1 Requesting Services and Support

The Law School Building Manager can arrange support for building systems (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) as well as other services such as moving office furniture and procuring furniture.

18.2 Sign Posting

18.2.1 Permanent Signage

The Building Manager must approve design and placement of permanent signage.  Approved signs are ordered from the UW Paint Shop by the Building Manager.

18.2.2 Departmental and Student Organization Bulletin Boards

Law School departments and student organizations that maintain their own designated bulletin boards may use their discretion in posting signs on those boards. There are no duration limits to postings on departmental and student organization bulletin boards. Departments and organizations must police their own boards to ensure that unauthorized or old signage is removed. Additionally, student orgnaizations are expected to update their bulletin boards at the beginning of each academic year to reflect up-to-date leadership information. A student organization must be registered with the University to be assigned a bulletin board.  (See Section 15.1). 

18.2.3 General Postings

"Postings" are temporary signs advertising a University-related event, organization, or service. Postings are restricted to the following approved locations:

  • Bulletin boards that are not designated for exclusive departmental or organization use
  • Clips ("Grip-a-strips") on classroom room signs
  • Plastic sign holders on columns in the atrium
  • Easels

Postings may not be taped or otherwise affixed to painted or wooden surfaces, doors, door frames, glass or to any surface not included in the above list.  Postings should be of the minimum necessary quantity and size to effectively serve their intended purposes.  Postings should include the date(s) of the event they advertise (avoid using relative terms such as "today" or "tomorrow"); in addition, the name of the sponsoring organization must be clearly included on any general posting. 

We have limited space for postings. Groups may post no more than one posting per floor in the atrium and no more than three total on the clips outside classrooms.

Postings that do not refer to an event scheduled on a particular date must include a visible "date-to-remove" somewhere on their surface. The date-to-remove must be less than one month from the date the sign is posted. Signs that need to be posted for longer than one month need approval from the Building Manager (see "Permanent Signage" above).

The party who posts a sign is responsible for removing the sign shortly after the event date or the indicated date-to-remove has passed. If the event advertised has passed, the date-to-remove has passed, or if the sign contains no date information, it will be removed. Signs posted in unapproved locations will be removed and discarded. The Building Manager must approve exceptions to this policy.

18.2.4 Alternative to Sign Posting

Organizations are encouraged to use the Law School's website as an alternative to sign posting to advertise their events and services. Items may be submitted using the faculty & staff news submission form or the student news submission form. You will need to log in using your NetId.

Organizations can also ask the Student Bar Association to include a message about an event or service in the SBA Announcements, which are emailed to the student body on Mondays and Thursdays. The deadline to submit an item for the Announcements is 7 a.m. on the day when the organization would like the message included in the Announcements.

18.3 Temporary Display Policy

UW Law School Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may install temporary displays on the second floor of the Law Building Atrium, on the Bascom Hill side, between Rooms 2260 and 2211, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Only Law School affiliated RSOs may install temporary displays. The RSO installing the temporary display must be current with their registration with the University of Wisconsin or have a registration in progress and must abide by all Center for Leadership and Involvement (Cfli) Code of Conduct policies.
  2. Temporary displays must be related to the educational mission and purpose of the Law School. Temporary displays may not be used to support candidates in Law School, University, municipal, county, state, or national elections, and may not be used for fundraising purposes or commercial activities.
  3. Temporary displays may only be displayed from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM and only on days that Law classes are in session (not including final exams).
  4. The RSO will be responsible for disassembly of the display and cleanup of all materials, with such clean up to occur no later than 4:00 PM. Failure to do so may result in a charge for clean-up costs. 
  5. Each RSO may only install a temporary display a maximum of two days per semester. These days may be consecutive, subject to the other restrictions in this policy (notably, displays must be disassembled no later than 4:00 PM on each day).
  6. Displays may not exceed an area of six feet by three feet.
  7. Requests to install a display must be submitted via the UW Law School Temporary Display request form at least two weeks prior to the date on which the RSO(s) wish to install the temporary display. Requests must include the date on which the organization wishes to install a temporary display and a brief description of the display.  Requests will be reviewed by Law School leadership, with the Law School Dean having final authority to grant or deny requests consistent with this policy.
  8. Only one RSO may install a temporary display at a time, and requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to Atrium availability. UW Law School sponsored events have priority for use of the Atrium, and RSOs may be required to select a different date or reschedule in case of a conflict.
  9. All temporary displays must comply with all provisions of Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 18 and other applicable state laws, regulations, and university policies.
  10. No excessive noise or activities that may be considered physically hazardous to the university community or obstructive to the mission of the Law School are permissible.
  11. Displays may not damage furniture, flooring, or fixtures, or interfere with the mechanics of the Atrium fire door.
  12. Temporary displays must include signage stating the name of the installing RSO(s) and a disclaimer that it is not a display of the University of Wisconsin Law School.
  13. The University of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Law School are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

18.4 Temporary Food Sales

Registered student organizations wishing to sell food or beverages as fundraisers must familiarize themselves with, and comply with, a number of requirements.  All of the rules applicable to such sales are on the Food Safety section of University Health Services.

Among other things, you must obtain permission for the campus location you hope to use (for Law School locations, contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs; and you must apply for, pay for, and receive a temporary food stand permit at least two weeks prior to the event. Registered student organizations can obtain a maximum of five permits per semester to sell ready-to-eat foods that do not require further cooking, such as bagels, pre-baked pizza, doughnuts, canned/bottled soda and juices, bags of chips, candy bars, and whole fruit.  Food must be obtained from the Wisconsin Union, University Housing, or any vendor meeting the requirements described by the Division of Business Vendor ContractsHome-prepared foods are not permitted. 

18.5 Building Access

Law students are permitted in the Law Building (including the Law Library) only during official building hours.

Building hours vary on holidays and during final exam periods.  

18.6 Event Planning

Student organizations and individual students need to obtain permission from the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs before hosting an event in the Law School or on Law School grounds. The Assistant Dean will connect students to appropriate Law School staff and resources as necessary. 

18.6.1 A/V & Tech Services

To request videotaping, TV/VCR, microphones, computer/projector, overflow rooms, or similar services, email help@law.wisc.edu, describing the location, date and time, the service requested, and any other pertinent information.  For questions, see Technology Services staff on the 2nd floor of the Law building (Room 2115, 608-262-5242, or help@law.wisc.edu).

18.6.2 Building Access

If your event is scheduled at a time when the building is closed, you must contact the Law School Building Manager to make special arrangements.

18.6.3 Clean Up

You are responsible for disposing of food, putting away tables, straightening tables/chairs, etc. after your event. You can either find staff or student volunteers or hire UW Maintenance to provide clean up services (the charge is $72/day). Contact the Law School Building Manager for details.

18.6.4 Events Calendar

The Law School's online events calendar is integrated with room scheduling.

18.6.5  Facilities Services

See the Law School Building Manager for maintenance or heating/cooling issues.

Contact the Law School Help Desk to request extra seating, tables or other furniture arrangements.  

NOTE: If your event is scheduled on a weekend, you will have to make arrangements for heating/cooling. See also "Clean Up" (Section 18.6.3).

18.6.6 Food and Beverage Service

If the event or meeting is on property owned or leased by the University and food will be served, a university caterer must be used. Contact University Housing Catering at 608-262-5577 or Union Catering at 608-262-2511. Student organizations are encouraged to contact Faculty Secretary to assist in coordinating catering.

If student organizations have funding from the Law School for an event, all expenses should be cleared with the Law School Accountant in advance.  

If neither Union nor University Housing is available to provide the catering, you may contact a catering vendor for the event. You must be able to provide documentation verifying that neither the Union nor Housing is available to provide the service. All vendors who perform catering services on campus must have a City of Madison Catering License and provide, prior to the event, a current insurance certificate with high-risk insurance limits, which must be forwarded to Risk Management for approval.

The catering requirement does NOT apply to food purchased by students or staff or prepared food (prepackaged box lunches, sandwiches, cheese trays, pizza, cookies, fruit or similar items) purchased from a licensed restaurant and/or catering operation. Prepared food may be delivered by the vendor or picked up at the vendor's site, and may be used in lieu of catering.  Food purchased and prepared by students or staff, at home or elsewhere, is never allowed due to risk management issues.

NOTE: Alcoholic beverage service on University property requires a separate permit. See the UW-Madison Alcohol Policy.

18.6.7 Posting Announcements


18.6.8 Parking

Contact the Main Office to make arrangements at 608-262-2240. Please note that parking is very limited and may not be available.

18.6.9 Printing/Duplication

Visit the Copy Shop on the 2nd floor of the Law building (copyshop@law.wisc.edu, 608-262-0668) for copying of flyers, signs, brochures, name cards, etc. The design of original materials is up to you. 

Please note that if you receive Law School funding to cover your copy expenses, certain vendors may need to be used. Please contact the Law School Accountant for more information.

18.6.10 Publicity

For possible media coverage of a talk or a symposium that is open to the public, or a possible news item on the Law School home page at law.wisc.edu or on social media, email all relevant information to our External Affairs communications team at news@law.wisc.edu.

18.6.11 Classroom Reservations

Law School classrooms are available for the use of the Law School community.  Students and student groups may reserve classrooms during the current semester using a NetID on the Law School room reservation system.

Reservations for the current semester may be made starting the week before the semester begins until the start of the exam period.  Once all the exam rooms are determined, the room reservation system is opened for reservations during the exam period and for the intersession break.  Note:  occasionally classes are moved from one room to another, usually during the first two weeks of classes, which may bump an existing room reservation.  Email notification is sent to the person who made the reservation that is bumped. 

Additionally, Law School classes and functions may preempt any reservations.  Contact roomreservations@law.wisc.edu with any questions or concerns. 

18.6.12 Atrium, Lubar Commons & Conference Room Reservations

To reserve the atrium, Lubar Commons, and conference rooms for activities, submit a room reservation request online. Requests are approved based on the UW Madison Use of Facilities and Land policy.  Lubar Commons reservations require a faculty sponsor.  Please note the restrictions on sales of food items in Section 18.4 and clean-up obligations in Section 18.6.3

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