16.1  Communications


16.2  Disabilities

Students with disabilities that affect their mobility or that require instructional accommodations must contact the McBurney Disability Center for assessment. The Law School's Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for all such accommodations after the McBurney staff has completed the assessment. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs cannot make accommodations until the McBurney Center has assessed the student and determined the appropriate accommodations.  All questions and concerns regarding these matters should be addressed to the Assistant Dean. Current contact information for the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

16.3  Temporary Disabilities and Pregnancy

Students who develop temporary disabilities or who are pregnant should contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for information and assistance. In some situations the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs may be able to reschedule an examination or provide a necessary accommodation during an exam or to provide other in-class accommodation.  Students seeking temporary parking permits should contact Transportation Services for the UW campus at Accessible Transporation Options. While the campus provides for temporary UW disability parking permits, the limited parking near the Law School during school hours restricts the usefulness of the permits.

Additionally, for new mothers, the Law School has a Lactation Room for nursing and pumping.  Please contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for more information. View all UW Lactation Rooms.

16.4  Freedom from Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Under Wisconsin law, no student may be denied admission to, participation in or the benefits of any service, program, course, or facility or be discriminated against in any of these because of the student's race, color, creed, religion, sex, gender (including identity and expression), national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or parental status.

In addition to the above, discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or military status is similarly prohibited.

See Wis. Stat. Sec. 36.12, Law School Rule 4.15, and Law School Rules: Appendix E. The UW's Office of Equity and Diversity publishes the current laws and policies against discrimination on their website. Current procedures for enforcement are available at the same website. The University’s Dean of Students Office has a designated Bias Response Coordinator, who may be contacted to report any bias incident a student experiences or observes. The Dean of Student’s Office is located at 70 Bascom Hall and the phone number is 608-263-5700. In the case of sexual harassment or violence, dating or domestic violence, stalking, sex discrimination, or retaliation, students are also encouraged to contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator at 608-890-3788 or TitleIX_Coordinator@wisc.edu.

The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs can also connect students with the University resources. Additionally, the Office of Equity and Diversity is located in Room 179A, Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive and the phone number is 608-263-2378.

16.4.1  Harassment

The UW-Madison campus considers sexual harassment a community concern because of the negative impacts on the quality of work and education for the individuals involved and for others in the broader educational community who also suffer the impacts of sexual harassment. Under UW campus policies, "sexual harassment" includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:

Submission to such conduct is a condition of employment or academic progress;
Submission to or rejection of such conduct influences employment or academic decisions; or
The conduct interferes with an employee's work or a student's academic career, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or learning environment.

Conduct that creates a hostile environment is prohibited along with retaliation for rejection of unwelcome sexual conduct.

In addition, campus policies also govern some consensual relationships. These policies apply to romantic and/or sexual relationships between two individuals who have a reporting or evaluative relationship. The individual with the power or status advantage is held accountable for failing to take appropriate action to remove the conflict of interest by reporting the relationship to his or her supervisor.

Within the Law School, students, faculty and staff may direct questions to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs or the Associate Dean for Human Resources and Administration, Bethany Pluymers. These staff serve as the Law School's contacts to the UW network responsible for information, investigation and/or enforcement of sexual harassment questions or complaints. Please note they are mandatory reports and will have to contact the Title IX Coordinator regarding any conduct covered by Title IX. More information about the policies and procedures relating to sexual harassment. The UW website also contains email and telephone numbers for contact persons.

16.5  Sexual Assault/Stalking/Domestic Violence

The University provides a number of resources, both confidential and non-confidential, for survivors of sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs can support students navigating these resources. Please note the Assistant Dean is a mandatory report and will have to contact the Title IX Coordinator regarding any conduct covered by Title IX. Students should contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: current contact information for the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

Important campus and community resources:

16.6  Complaints

The Law School's Assistant Dean for Student Affairs serves as a primary point of contact for students who have complaints or concerns.  In addition to consulting with students about their academic, personal or professional issues, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is ready to help students with complaints they wish to make or concerns they wish to express.

Such complaints or concerns might involve: instances of sexual or physical harassment or assault; unfair or ill treatment; grading grievances (Law School Rule 2.11); grievances regarding the conduct of Law School personnel (Law School Rule 12.01); petitions for relief from a Law School Rule based on unusual hardship (Law School Rule 12.03(1)(a)); appeals on the basis of alleged discrimination (Law School Rule 12.03(1)(b)); or concerns/complaints regarding some aspect of the Law School's academic program, including the Law School's Program of Legal Education (ABA Standard 510/ former Standard 512).

Students are advised that the above list is not exhaustive and are invited to bring significant concerns to the attention of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or the Dean's Office.

Grading Grievances:

Grievances regarding the conduct of Law School personnel:

Petitions for relief from a Law School Rule (allegation of unusual hardship):

Appeals on the basis of alleged discrimination:

Complaints regarding compliance with ABA Standards:

16.7  Hate and Bias Incidents

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison values a diverse community where all members are able to participate fully in the Wisconsin Experience. Incidents of Bias/Hate affecting a person or group create a hostile climate and negatively impact the quality of the Wisconsin Experience for community members. UW-Madison takes such incidents seriously and will investigate and respond to reported or observed incidents of bias/hate.” -- Dean of Students Office: Report Bias or Hate

If a hate and/or bias incident happens to you or someone you know, please report the incident through the link above. The Law School's Assistant Dean for Student Affairs or Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and is available for support and to discuss any incident. Students can contact either Dean by email. Additionally, the University's Dean of Students Office has a Bias Response Coordinator who can be reached at 608-263-5700 or by stopping by the Dean of Students Office in 70 Bascom Hall.

16.8 Student Privacy Rights (FERPA)

As a student, you have privacy rights regarding your educational records protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Some information, like your name and email address, is considered public (directory) information and is available for others to access.  If you wish to withhold directory information, you can create a FERPA hold through your Student Center. Caution: Restricting directory information may have an impact on the Law School's ability to confirm education information to prospective employers, particularly restrictions on disclosure of major, attendance, participation in activities, and degrees and awards.  For more information on student privacy rights, see the University Registrar's Office FERPA website.

16.9 DACA / Undocumented Students

Regardless of immigration status, UW wants all students to know that you belong here and are an integral part of the UW campus community.

As a University of Wisconsin law student, you are entitled to all resources provided by and through the University of Wisconsin system. For information, see our DACA/Undocumented Students page or download the DACA/Undocumented Students Informational PDF.

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