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Lisa Alexander 608-890-1234 lisa.alexander@wisc.edu
Associate Professor of Law
Ann Althouse 608-262-2444 althouse@wisc.edu 7109
Robert W. & Irma Arthur-Bascom Professor of Law
Martha Askins 608-890-3541 maskins@wisc.edu 4318G
LAIP Clinical Instructor
Steven M. Barkan 608-262-1151 steven.barkan@wisc.edu 6358
Voss-Bascom Professor of Law; Director of the Law Library
Margaret Baumgartner 608-265-3283 margaret.baumgartner@wisc.edu 3370
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Richard B. Bilder 608-262-3094 rbbilder@wisc.edu 8113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cristina Borde 608-263-9576 cristina.borde@wisc.edu 4318E
Clinical Instructor
Tonya Brito 608-265-6475 tlbrito@wisc.edu 5211B
Burrus-Bascom Professor of Law
Ralph Cagle 608-262-7881 rmcagle@wisc.edu 7107
Clinical Professor Emeritus
Nina Camic nlcamic@wisc.edu
Faculty Associate Emerita
Peter Carstensen 608-263-7416 peter.carstensen@wisc.edu 7101
Fred W. & Vi Miller Chair in Law Emeritus
R. Alta Charo 608-262-5015 alta.charo@wisc.edu 6109
Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics
Larry Church 608-262-1695 wlchurch@wisc.edu 7105
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Professor of Law
Carin Clauss caclauss@wisc.edu 9113
Nathan P. Feinsinger Professor of Labor Law Emerita
William Clune 608-262-2243 whclune@wisc.edu 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Kenneth Davis 608-262-0962 kbdavis@wisc.edu 9107
Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean Emeritus and George H. Young Chair in Law
Sarah Davis 608-265-0906 sarah.davis@wisc.edu 4312B
Clinical Associate Professor
Maria DeArteaga 608-890-3859 dearteaga@wisc.edu 4318F
Anuj Desai 608-263-7605 anuj.desai@wisc.edu 8102
Voss Bascom Professor of Law
Walter Dickey walter.dickey@wisc.edu 8107
George H. Young Chair; Professor of Law Emeritus
Howard Erlanger 608-263-7405 howard.erlanger@wisc.edu 9109
Voss-Bascom Professor of Law, Emeritus
Keith A. Findley 608-262-4763 keith.findley@wisc.edu 8108
Associate Professor of Law
Martha (Meg) Gaines 608-890-4467 meg.gaines@wisc.edu 4312B
Director, Center for Patient Partnership (CPP); Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law
Marc Galanter 608-262-2244 msgalant@wisc.edu 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Jeffrey Michael Glazer jmglazer@wisc.edu
Clinical Assistant Professor
Herman Goldstein hgold@wisc.edu 7104
Professor of Law Emeritus
Linda Greene 262-6351 / 332-1840 linda.s.greene@wisc.edu 9105
Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law
Rachel Grob 608-265-6267 rachel.grob@wisc.edu 4311
Director of National Initiatives
Sarah Hadjimarkos 608-262-8557 sarah.hadjimarkos@wisc.edu 4373A
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Benjamin Harville 608-890-1596 bharville@wisc.edu 1342
Immigrant Justice Clinic Director
Kathryn Hendley 608-263-5135 khendley@wisc.edu 9101
William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science
Eileen Hirsch 608-890-1173 eahirsch2@wisc.edu 4318A
Director of Juvenile Life Without Parole Project
Alexandra Huneeus 608-265-1149 alexandra.huneeus@wisc.edu 8111
Associate Professor of Law
Charles Irish charles.irish@wisc.edu 6101
Sherwood R. Volkman-Bascom Distinguished Teaching Professor of Law Emeritus
Kate Judson 608-890-3542 katherine.judson@wisc.edu 6224
Clinical Instructor
Leonard Kaplan 608-271-1698 lvkaplan@wisc.edu
Mortimer M. Jackson Professor of Law Emeritus
Ben Kempinen 608-262-7908 kempinen@wisc.edu 3353
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Prosecution Project
Dianna Klein 608-262-0618 dianna.klein@wisc.edu 5211
Assistant to the Dean
Cecelia M. Klingele 608-890-3258 cecelia.klingele@wisc.edu 8110
Assistant Professor, Faculty Associate to the Remington Center, Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty
Heinz Klug 608-262-7370 heinz.klug@wisc.edu 8109
Evjue-Bascom Professor in Law; Director, Global Legal Studies Center
Neil Komesar neil.komesar@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Michele LaVigne 608-262-9859 michele.lavigne@wisc.edu 4318K
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Public Defender Project
Gwendolyn Leachman 608-262-7367 gleachman@wisc.edu 7108
Assistant Professor
Stewart Macaulay 608-262-2442 smacaula@wisc.edu 6108
Professor of Law Emeritus
Marsha Mansfield 608-262-9142 marsha.mansfield@wisc.edu 1346
Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Economic Justice Institute; Director, Family Court Assistance Project
Erin McBride 608-890-4934 ekmcbride@wisc.edu 1344
Director, Government & Legislative Clinic; Clinical Assistant Professor
Marygold S. Melli msmelli@wisc.edu 7104
Professor of Law Emerita
Elizabeth Mertz 608-263-7419 eemertz@wisc.edu; emertz@abfn.org 6108
John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law
Ion Meyn 608-262-5137 meyn@wisc.edu 9104
Assistant Professor of Law
Gary Milhollin gm@wisconsinproject.org
Professor of Law Emeritus
Mitch 608-263-9575 mitch@wisc.edu 1340
Clinical Associate Professor, Neighborhood Law Clinic
Thomas Mitchell 608-890-1237 thomas.mitchell@wisc.edu
Frederick W. and Vi Miller Professor of Law
Richard Monette 608-263-7409 richard.monette@wisc.edu 7103
Professor of Law; Director, Great Lakes Indian Law Center
Deborah Moritz dcmoritz@wisc.edu
Legal Research & Writing Faculty Emerita
Yaron Nili 608-262-0525 nili@wisc.edu 6110
Assistant Professor of Law
John K.M. Ohnesorge 608-263-7603 john.ohnesorge@wisc.edu 9112
George Young Bascom Professor of Law; Director for East Asian Legal Studies
Judith E. Olingy jeolingy@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Sarah Orr 608-890-2454 sarah.orr@wisc.edu 1349
Clinical Associate Professor, Consumer Law Project
Pilar Ossorio 608-263-4387 pnossorio@wisc.edu 9103
Professor of Law and Bioethics
Thomas Palay tmpalay@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Tami Patel tjvangal@wisc.edu
L&ECP Supervising Attorney
Kim M. Peterson 608-262-6097 kmpeterson@wisc.edu 2378
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Mary Ann Polewski 608-263-6327 maryann.polewski@wisc.edu 4373
Administrative Director of Legal Research & Writing
John Pray 608-263-7461 john.pray@wisc.edu 4318J
Clinical Professor of Law; Co-Director, Wisconsin Innocence Project
Mary Prosser 608-265-1159 mmprosser@wisc.edu 4318D
Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Asifa Quraishi-Landes 608-263-7604 asifa.quraishilandes@wisc.edu
Professor of Law
Krista Ralston kralston@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Margaret Raymond 608-265-3750 margaret.raymond@wisc.edu 5211A
Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean and Professor of Law
Ruth Robarts rrobarts@wisc.edu
Legal Research & Writing Faculty Emerita
Joel Rogers 608-262-4266 jrogers@cows.org 7144B Sewell Social Sciences
Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology; Director, COWS
Boaventura de Sousa Santos 608-263-7414 bsantos@wisc.edu 6370
ILS Distinguished Scholar
Jonathan Scharrer 608-263-7905 jonathan.scharrer@wisc.edu 4318B
Clinical Instructor
David Schultz 608-262-6881 deschult@wisc.edu 6105
Professor of Law
David S. Schwartz 608-262-8150 dsschwartz@wisc.edu 9108
Foley & Lardner Bascom Professor of Law
Miriam Seifter 608-265-4771 miriam.seifter@wisc.edu 9111
Assistant Professor
Mitra Sharafi 608-265-8428 mitra.sharafi@wisc.edu 6112
Associate Professor of Law
Leslie Shear 608-262-2030 leslie.shear@wisc.edu 4318C
Clinical Associate Professor of Law; Director, Family Law Project
Mark Sidel 608-262-5608 mark.sidel@wisc.edu 6104
Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law
Anne Smith asmith32@wisc.edu 330 West Orchard Street
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Michael Smith mesmith4@wisc.edu
Kathleen M. & George I. Haight Professor of Law Emeritus
Brad Snyder 608-262-1015 brad.snyder@wisc.edu 8105
Associate Professor of Law
Carrie Sperling 608-262-3646 carrie.sperling@wisc.edu 5211C
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Education Innovation; Interim Director, Frank J. Remington Center; Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Adam Stevenson 608-262-9233 adam.stevenson@wisc.edu 4353
Interim Deputy Director, Remington Center, Clinical Associate Professor
Kenneth Streit kmstreit@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus
Susannah Camic Tahk 608-890-3750 susannah.tahk@wisc.edu 5211B
Associate Professor of Law; Institute for Legal Studies Director; Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development
Steph Tai 608-890-1236 tai2@wisc.edu 8104
Associate Professor of Law
Gerald Thain 608-262-3446 gjthain@wisc.edu 9113
Professor of Law Emeritus
Joseph Thome 608-263-7418 jrthome@wisc.edu 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Cliff Thompson 608-262-5055 cfthomps@wisc.edu
Professor of Law, Emeritus
Trina Tinglum 608-265-2545 tinglum@wisc.edu 2370
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
David Trubek dmtrubek@wisc.edu
Professor of Law Emeritus
Louise Trubek lgtrubek@wisc.edu
Clinical Professor of Law Emerita
Frank Tuerkheimer 608-262-3093 fmtuerkh@wisc.edu 9113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Andrew Turner 608-263-5088 andrew.turner2@wisc.edu 3374
Legal Research & Writing Faculty
Gretchen Viney 608-262-8048 gretchen.viney@wisc.edu 5228
Director of Lawyering Skills Program; Clinical Professor of Law
Ursula Weigold 608-262-8563 ursula.weigold@wisc.edu 4373B
Director of Legal Research and Writing; Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Alan J. Weisbard alan.weisbard@wisc.edu
Emeritus Professor of Law, Bioethics, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies
June Weisberger jmweisbe@wisc.edu 7104
Professor of Law Emerita
Cheryl Rosen Weston 608-263-5087 crweston@wisc.edu 6103
Senior Lecturer
William Whitford 608-262-2443 bill.whitford@wisc.edu 8101
Professor of Law Emeritus
Greg Wiercioch 608-263-1388 gregory.wiercioch@wisc.edu 4315E
Clinical Assistant Professor
Steven Wright 608-890-3540 shwright@wisc.edu 4318L
Clinical Assistant Professor
Robert Yablon 608-890-0218 robert.yablon@wisc.edu 9110
Assistant Professor
Jason Yackee 608-262-5230 jason.yackee@wisc.edu 7106
Associate Professor of Law