We are fortunate to have a number of scholars at the Law School and in other departments at UW-Madison whose work reflects Wisconsin's commitment to international and comparative legal scholarship and participation. 

Affiliated Faculty 

Samer Alatout headshot

Samer Alatout

Associate Professor, Department of Community & Environmental Sociology

  • Research Interests: sociology and politics of science and technology; social theories of power and government biopolitics; Foucault Social theories of territory with a focus on borders, political and cultural geography; environmental policy and politics; water politics in the Middle East; environmental politics on the US/Mexico and Palestine/Israel borders; International Development and the politics of sustainability
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Water Policy in International Contexts; International Development, Environment, and Sustainability; Social Theories of Power; Social Theories of Border; Local and Regional Approaches to Sustainability and Vulnerability 
Sumudu Atapattu headshot

Sumudu Atapattu

Teaching Professor & Director, Global Legal Studies Center, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: international environmental law; climate change; environmental rights, human rights, sustainable development
  • Relevant Courses Taught: 918 SP: International Law: International Environmental Law; Climate Change, Human Rights and the Environment; &  918 SP: International Law: International Human Rights Law
Headshot photo of Joe Conti

Joe Conti

Associate Professor of Sociology and Law, Department of Sociology

  • Research Interests: Economic Change and Development, Economic Sociology, Law and Society, Political Sociology
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Soc 125: American Society: How It Really Works (Fall 2020), Soc 125: American Society: How It Really Works (Honors), Soc 210: Survey of Sociology, Soc 496: Globalization and Social Change, Soc 641: Sociology of Law (Fall 2019), Soc 925: Sociology of Economic Change and Development, Soc 942: States, International Organizations, and a Global Public Sphere
Sumudu Atapattu headshot

Anuj Desai

Volkman-Bascom Professor of Law, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: How social, historical, and institutional contexts shape law
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Constitutional Law: First Amendment, Copyright, Cyberlaw, Legislation, Legislation/Satutory Interpretation (746)
Sumudu Atapattu headshot

Myra Marx Ferree

Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology

  • Research Interests: Comparisons between US and German higher education systems, interplay of gender equality politics and academic capitalist processes in reshaping universities
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Xx
Kathryn Hendley headshot

Kathryn Hendley

Roman Z. Livshits & Theodore W. Brazeau Professor of Law and Political Science, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Comparative Law, Contracts, Legal and economic reform in the former Soviet Union, how ordinary Russians experience law
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Contracts (711)
Headshot of Francine Hirsch

Francine Hirsch

Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of History, Department of History

  • Research Interests: Russian and Soviet History, Modern European History, Comparative Empires, the History of Human Rights, Russian-American Engagement
  • Relevant Courses Taught: History 223: Explorations in European History – Topics: “Revolutionary Russia”, History 424: Soviet Union & World, 1917-1991, History 600: History of Idea of Human Rights, History 600: Genocide, Justice, and Postwar Human Rights, History 600: Stalin and Hitler, History 753: Comparative World History, History 850: Graduate Seminar on the History and Historiography of the Soviet Union
Headshot photo of Alexandra Huneeus

Alexandra Huneeus

Evjue Bascom  Professor of Law & Director, Center for Law, Society and Justice, UW- Madison 

  • Research Interests: Public International Law, Comparative Law, Latin America, Human Rights, Judicial Politics
Headshot for Sharon Hutchinson is missing. A red block shows with the UW crest in white in the center, featuring a large white letter W.

Sharon Hutchinson

Emerita Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

Headshot photo of Heinz Klug

Heinz Klug

John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, International Law, Property Law
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Constitutional Law II (740), SP Con Law: Comparative Constitution-Making (history, theory & practice) (904), WI International Law Journal (895)
Headshot photo of Michael Light

Michael Light

Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Sociology and Chicana/Latina Studies, Department of Sociology

  • Research Interests: Legal and criminological consequences of international migration, relationship between racial/ethnic stratification and crime, health consequences of major social and demographic shifts, Race and Ethnic Studies, Law and Society, Social Stratification, Demography and Ecology, Deviance, Law, and Social Control
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Soc 440: Ethnicity Race and Justice, Soc 443: Immigration Crime and Enforcement, Soc 875: Special Topics - Professional Writing for Sociologists
Headshot photo of Richard Monette

Richard Monette

Professor of Law; Director, Great Lakes Indian Law Center; UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Indian Law, Torts
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Conflict of Laws (820), Federal Law & Indian Tribes (730)
Headshot photo of John Ohnesorge

John Ohnesorge

George Young Bascom Professor of Law; Director for East Asian Legal Studies; UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Administrative Law, Business Organizations/Corporations, Comparative Law, Law & Development
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Business Organizations I (817), Business Organizations Module (950)
Headshot photo of Asifa Quaraishi-Landes

Asifa Quraishi-Landes

Professor of Law, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Constitutional Law, Islamic Law
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Constitutional Law II (740), Islamic Law & Jurisprudence (785)
Headshot photo of Boa Santos

Boa Santos

Professor, School of Economics, Department of Sociology, University of Coimbra - Portugal; ILS Distinguished Scholar, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Law and Globalization, Legal Pluralism, Multiculturalism, and Human Rights
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Globalization, Law and Democracy seminar at UW Law School (Fall Semester)
Headshot photo of Gay Seidman

Gay Seidman

Martindale Bascom Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology

  • Research Interests: Political Sociology, Economic Change and Development, Class Analysis and Historical Change, Demography and Ecology, Social Movements and Collective Behavior
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Soc 210: Survey of Sociology, Soc 630: Sociology of Developing Societies, Soc 940: Rethinking the Developmental State

Headshot photo of Mitra Shirafi

Mitra Sharafi

Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: South Asian legal history, history of criminal law and forensic science, history of legal education and the legal profession, colonialism and empire, history of contract law, law and society, law and religion, law and minorities, legal consciousness, legal pluralism, history of law books, history of science and medicine
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Contracts (711)
Headshot photo of Mark Sidel

Mark Sidel

Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in the United States, China, India, Vietnam and in comparative perspective; Civil society and the law in Asia; Contemporary secessionist movements in the US, Australia and Canada; Comparative constitutionalism, particularly in China, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia; Human Trafficking
Headshot photo of Steph Tai

Steph Tai

Professor of Law, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Law and Science, Natural Resources Law
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Appellate Advocacy - Moot Court (Heffernan Competition)* (815), SP Environmental Law: Food Systems Law (988)
Headshot photo of Aili Tripp

Aili Tripp

Vilas Research Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science

  • Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Africa, North Africa, Civil Society, Gender and Politics, Women’s Movements, Global Feminism, Conflict Resolution, Democratization
  • Relevant Courses Taught: PS 862: State and Society in Comparative Perspective Spring 2023, PS 429: Gender Politics in Comparative Perspective Spring 2023, PS 329: African Politics Fall 2022, PS 948: Seminar: State & Society Fall 2022, PS 948: Seminar: Gender and Politics in Comparative Perspective Fall 2021
A headshot of David M. Trubek

David M. Trubek

Professor Emeritus, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Law and Authoritarian Resurgence, Law and Development, New Governance, Legal Profession, European law and integration
Headshot photo of Louise G. Trubek

Louise G. Trubek 

Clinical Professor Emerita, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Health Law and Policy, United States and Global Public Interest Law, Regulation and Governance, Transnational Public Interest Law, United States and Global Public Interest Law, Access to Justice, Legal Profession
Headshot photo of William Whitford

William Whitford

Professor Emeritus, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: Contracts, Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection and Taxation
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Business Law, Contracts
Headshot photo of Jason Yackee

Jason Yackee

Professor of Law, UW Law School

  • Research Interests: International Law, Administrative Law
  • Relevant Courses Taught: Arbitration, Contracts, International Law, International Law: Business Transactions, Appellate Advocacy- Moot Court (Vis Arbitration coaches) (815)
    Contracts (711), SP International Law: International Commercial Arbitration (918), Wisconsin Law Review (899)

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